My symphony…

Only when you can listen to the crickets in the trees at dusk and hear a symphony have you truly accomplished something.



9 thoughts on “My symphony…

  1. Hey KB —

    Glad to see you back with a vengeance — I think the more we open ourselves up to people — the more we get back – so I’m glad, truly truly glad that you are taking that step with the people who are close to you. I’ve been worried about that about you (reading between the lines).

    And I totally get what you are saying about the blogs — I have…um…290 blogs that are in my reader right now — and I can’t POSSIBLY keep up with commenting on all of them (although I do read each and every one — I’m a glutton!) — there are just a handful who I feel close to and who I write to every chance I get.

    So I’m standing up and applauding for you girlie! You GO!!

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