New Beginnings & De-Lurking Day

I guess Fall isn’t really the time to talk about New Beginnings. Things aren’t really blooming, nothing has “sprung”, and the promise of summer isn’t around the corner (although I do greatly prefer Fall and Winter). However, with my blog, and in several other areas of my life, I’m definitely making New Beginnings.

And it feels good.

And right.

Among other things, I’ve reconnected with some old friends and more-than-friends and I’m infinitely glad about that. For some time, I wasn’t in a frame of mind to really allow other people, especially other people who knew me so well, into my life. My health and state of mind was such that I didn’t want people close to me, I didn’t want to reveal my weaknesses, my vulnerabilities, the problems that I was dealing with when all they had ever known me as was vibrant and vivacious. So, I kept my problems close to my chest, like a good hand of cards, and I only shared them with people who couldn’t do that much about it all, people who meant well but weren’t in any position to help me.

But, I now realize that there ARE people to help me, people who love me, people who can give me advice or take me out for Friday night dinner, people that I shut out and people that I want in my life again. I’m very fortunate that they will allow our lives to meld together again. It is a blessing.

I’m also referring to New Beginnings in my planning, in the plans for my future. I’ve sat stagnate for so long, presumably because of the health problems I’ve had but I’m at least some better now and have to get this blessing of a life I have on the road. I have to get it going, even if I’m not 100% sure which direction to take. ANY direction is better than NO direction. So, the plan for now is to go back to school to get my Master’s and teaching license for Secondary and Adult English and Art. I have all the academic creditentials for both English and Art from my undergraduate studies and, from the research that I’ve done on it all, I should only have several semesters to take some much-needed teaching courses. Has it been my life-long dream to teach? No, but I know that a government job is good as the retirement is nice and I can always do things I really want to do (yoga) on the side since the schedule is pretty nice too.

Speaking of yoga… a friend introduced me to some online introductory courses for yoga that I intend to take. There are three of them and while they are no replacement for a good, in-class intensive teacher training, I think they will be a very good foundation and they will at least get me started. I’m very excited about these classes and am eager to get started with them.

Other New Beginnings that I have up my sleeve? This blog. I’ve not been a very good blog host or blog friend lately. Sure, I posted up a swap that so many of you have been so gracious about signing up for. Other than that, however, I’ve not posted much and, even more than that, I’ve not been around to visit and comment on your blogs.

To be honest, I had about sixty or so blogs that I tried to get around to reading and commenting on each day. This is overwhelming. At some point, I realized that some of these bloggers were people who never read my own blog and if they did, they never commented so I had no interaction with them at all. I like interaction, I like to befriend the people who read these, some of my inner thoughts. I like active blogging and making blog friends, not just writing for the masses. So, I’ve pared down to a very select few blogs that I plan to read daily. No more trying to make the rounds to 60+ blogs each day, blogs that I know very little about the person writing.

If you feel this isn’t fair then I invite you to de-lurk and let me know who you are, a bit about you, what your blog is… ACTIVELY participate in this wonderful blogging world with me. I thank anyone who reads my ramblings but I want to know you, not just your blog. A blog rarely interests me if I don’t have some sort of connection with the owner and writer of the blog.

So, I plan to post (aka. ramble) more as my blog has run unkempt for too long now. I’m as yet undecided about what I will ramble about but it will come to me. Now that I’ve pared down and embarked on New Beginnings, I will have more to talk about and feel less overwhelmed by what should otherwise be a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

I hope I’ve not been harsh but I’m confident that a New Direction – no matter the time of year – is a good thing from time to time.

Wishing you a Succulent Sunday!

P.S. To those of you that regularly read and comment on my blog, I love love love love love you, but I think you all know that. You are the best blog friends a gal could have!


19 thoughts on “New Beginnings & De-Lurking Day

  1. I am so happy for you, embarking on the next chapter of your life. You have so much to look forward to and I am glad you are feeling a bit better and up for it. I know you will succeed in whatever you choose! Yay! Great to see your wonderful blog back in action. xoxo

  2. KB,
    I don’t think your’e being harsh at all. I, too, long to have a reciprocal “relationship” with people whose blogs I visit. I hope paring down in that area will be one less “thing” to clutter your life.

    I’m excited for what your future holds. Your attitude is good and healthy. I’ve no doubt that you will be good at whatever you choose.

    Looking forward to seeing you more!

  3. I saw a comment you left on Stacie’s blog, the comment about not being able to imagine being on this planet without your mother. I feel exactly the same way and it’s something that scares the hell out of me. Like what would be the point of anything if she weren’t here? I try not to think about it, it’s a terribly morbid thought to have especially as she is still here and fighting fit! I feel almost guilty for feeling this dread. Anyway, your comment rang true with me and I clicked on your name to find out a little about who you are.

    And I like your blog, it’s great! I haven’t yet had a chance to read everything of course. I am also relatively new to the blogging world, having only started a handful of weeks ago, but already I have met three very lovely women on it, Stacie being one of them. And this is how this wonderful blogging world works, it’s a series of serendipitous cyber encounters. Love it.

  4. I loved this, and I loved hearing (reading) this fire in your voice again…I understand completely about the blog relationship, reading blogs should not feel like a chore, and sometimes it can…especially with the no blogging “relationship”.

    I am so happy for you right now, your future your life. the realm of possibilities, you as always are an inspiration

  5. I`m with you reducing “blog – rounds” πŸ™‚
    Sometimes even visiting all your favorites can take hours. Sometimes they have turned out not to be favorites any more…(not yours, πŸ™‚ ). And because of so many visits, I have missed some important posts from friends, I care… So I deleted about half bookmarked blogs from my computer yesterday. Those who have made to my own blog sidebar are a MUST for me every day. Sometimes twice a day πŸ™‚
    Take care!

  6. Youa re a swetie. You help sooo many people. You are kind and wonderful and thoughtful. Never ever forget that.

    I feel like I am just blooming. Fall is my time. And if you can live through the terrible Arizona heat of summer, Fall brings fresh air and a new world….. Truly. xoxoxoooxxo

  7. This is the best news I have had all day…
    I am so glad that you are taking control and moving forward…and you are so loved..nothing wrong about asking for help and support…
    thinking of you…

  8. 60? Holy crap girlie, no wonder you have been so tired!

    Anyway, I so don’t think you’ve been stagnant. I’m actually wearing proof of that around my neck at this moment. You’ve been healing. And simmering. And becoming. You are always you, KB. Except when you are MB to me!


  9. No matter what comes from it, making decisions is ALWAYS a positive step. Only when you act can things happen. I’m so happy for you! Not harsh at all, it’s honest. There’s a big difference. I hope you continue to blog-friend with me, I would miss you!

    BTW can you give a little info on the online yoga class if you don’t mind?

  10. 60 blogs? Wow, I have….ok forget that cos it turns out I have about 75 that I visit! I only visit most of them once a week or so, and only about 5 are daily must reads, or else I’d never live in the real world, just read about others doing it!

  11. I won’t even say how many blogs I have, I’m definitely in need of paring them down. New directions are good, every now and then we need to take a breath, reassess, and move in a direction that heads towards are bliss! My kids and I have been doing yoga in the mornings for the last couple weeks and we’ve really enjoyed it–I’ve been doing some more than them in the evenings and enjoy the added energy, although I have to say I’m definitely in the sore stages despite doing “gentle yoga”!

  12. I totally understand the wanting to start a new life in Fall. It’s my favorite season – but then again, I enjoy smelling a fresh box of crayons.

    When I was blog cruising awhile again, I saw a “Blogging with no committment” button (or something along those lines.) The basic premise is that one should not feel guilty about not blogging. If you really think about it, the blogging world is still new. Blog entries do not have to be like newspaper columns and appear on a daily basis. In fact, I wonder about the quality of life of people who blog ALL the time. Do they have a day job? Do they ever go out for a walk? Do they sleep? Don’t let this turn into a “have to” instead of a “want to.”

    Good luck with school! I’m still toying around with grad school (again) but since we’re still paying off my students loans, and my son is a high school senior this year (!!!!) I don’t think that is going to happen too soon.


  13. ive noticed some blogs have been quieter than usual…haha 60 is good! i have about 300 blogs on my blogline favourites….i dont have time to comment on every post and some I keep as faves as I find their stuff inspiring but there are some ‘popular blogs’ who although Ive commented many a time they never reciprocate …
    i know we’re all busy so thats cool too!
    what I dont get is some blogs have such great & moving posts but hardly get any comments and other popular blogs might share a cupcake and get 50+ comments haha…

  14. Yeesh, SIXTY blogs? How did you ever, ever manage to do anything else? I will not be in any way offended if I am struck off the list, since I am not very good at commenting, I can’t even keep up with the 20 or so blogs I try to read – and I only manage that by lurking!

    Bonne chance with your fresh starts!

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