Gone camping!

Hello lovely blog-friends,

Well, I’m off again! I leave with my family on Sunday to go to the Great Smoky Mountains for a six-day camping trip. The weather will be wonderful, with all the trees changing colors around us and the weather gloriously fall-like. What a wonderful place in which to witness the amazement that is fall, my favorite season. Hopefully I will have a lot of pictures to share when I get back. How could I not? We will be staying in a five-sleeper cabin right by a river. We’ve stayed in this place before and it is lovely – so picturesque.

Just a reminder to those of you in the book swap… your books, bookmarks and fall items should be sent out to your partner by October 9th. If, for some reason, you cannot meet this deadline, please please please email and let your partner know. As I will be out of pocket and away from the computer, please email them directly. If you don’t remember who your partner is – even though I would hope you all have been in touch by now – or have lost their information, please let me know by Saturday afternoon.

Happy Fall! I hope to be in touch with you all very soon!


As a mother watches over her child, willing to risk her own life to protect her only chiild, so with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings, suffusing the whole world with unobstructed loving kindness.

~ Metta Sutta


18 thoughts on “Gone camping!

  1. Just going back through my comments…thank you for yours. Some days I just want to stop teaching and I probably would if I knew doing art could sustain me. But I do love the teaching…it is just sooo hard. It is tiring, draining, eternally frustrating (in the US anyway), and annoying to be surrounded by so much bitterness and depressing attitudes (on both sides). On the other hand, if you approach it right and stay true to yourself and your beliefs about human life you feel like you are making progress. Everyday there are moments that remind me of why I do enjoy teaching…and as many that make me want to go home and just sleep! My life is also overflowing with committments and fun activities, so something always feels like a burden…that is just how it is when you carry too much. Maybe someday I’ll deal with that. πŸ™‚
    My students are always with me in the forefront of my mind and every year another hundred are added to the list. I can’t do it for the rest of my life lest I become part of the negativity around me. But teaching art I always feel would be better…not sure if that is “the grass is greener” syndrome or not but maybe I’ll try it out in the future. Do teach, especially art that they need so very much.
    Cheers, Jess

  2. Oh Karen Beth that sounds like a wonderful camping trip!!! Have fun and enjoy the wonderful world that awaits you there. I love the outdoors and inspiring scenery and find it gives me a new lease of life to spend time in the wonderful outdoors. Fall is absolutely my favourite season – all the colours, the sunny days with a bit of a chill – just love it. Looking forward to you coming back and seeing all the photos! xxx

  3. Hey there, are you still camping? How is it all going? Hope you’re having a wonderful time and come back refreshed and reinvigorated with general autumness. Here in Kabul autumn has taken hold as well, although in this part of the country trees are few and far between and you can’t really walk around anyway, but it’s still lovely. Thank you for your lovely messages and support. Hope to hear from you soon, x.

  4. Yes, please share some pictures of your camping adventure. The last time I went camping we only stayed for one night. It was east Texas in the middle of August and so humid I could have filled the lake just sitting there. Oh, and raccoons ate all our food. I have proof, little dusty paws on our camping chairs. lol.

  5. I can’t wait to hear about your trip…and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog and also on Captain Cat’s…you are the most dear….and lovely friend a girl can have…
    take care…
    and update!!!!!!!!

  6. Okay, I know you’re back because you’ve been very good about leaving comments over on my blog so I’ve come to do the same, as promised. We need some camping pics and an update! Please….

  7. I have just spent a wonderful 10 minutes getting updated on your life and Kitty Love….
    Tell Aunt J I said hello……
    Miss you guys…

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