The love of a cat…

It has been raining cats here lately, the past couple of days, and it has been glorious. I love rain. I love thunder. I love lightning. I love overcast skies. It is so beautiful to see, to sit and listen to the rain and – even better – to nap while it is raining. The pitter-patter of rain is PERFECT sleeping weather.

While I love rain, my baby apparently does not.


During a particularly enthusiastic downpour last night, my Delali came and got in my lap and nestled herself into the crook of my arm. Now, let me be clear… she hasn’t done this in a long time, since she was much younger. But last night, like in her younger days, she napped, all stretched out with her head curled up on my arm, for an hour solid. I was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair and my butt was completely asleep when she woke up but I wasn’t about to move a muscle. I love it when she is all cuddly like that.

I’m not sure what – besides the rain – has moved her to be more cuddly of late, to be more of a Momma’s baby like she once was. Allow me again to be clear, however… I’m NOT complaining at all! Just today, she has come to me, while I sit at the computer, and helped herself to my lap four times. She nuzzles me, ever-so-lightly licks my chin (her way of giving kisses) and leans her head over on my chest.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.


Of course, the rain might not have anything to do with it at all. You see, she, being quite the precocious girl, has been very naughty several times in the past week. She almost gave my poor Aunt Jane and my poor Father heart attacks by slipping out of the house and having a five-hour and two-hour, respectively, romp in the wild, wild outdoors. My Aunt really did almost stroke out and she is not yet over the trauma that my girl caused. My Father, bless his heart, sat outside for the entire two hours, in the cold, in the dark, waiting for my child to make her return.

She can be very, very naughty to be sure.

So, she is grounded for quite a long time. I’m not sure that I will let her outdoors again as I want her to be an INSIDE CAT. I do not want her to be an outside cat, although, were I to continue allowing her outside, that is where we would end up.

Not happening.


Does this look like an outside cat to you???

So, she remains inside and is getting more cuddly by the second. Do I believe that she has resigned herself to being an inside cat and is therefore more willing to play the part? No, not hardly. More than likely, she is trying to butter me up enough to allow her outside again. Maybe she can be an outside cat in her next life.

But, I love her anyway, despite the fact that I’m not going to let her outside again. She is a good girl and I love her sassy little spirit.


I also love all the cuddles she has been so generous with lately. Let’s hope they continue and let’s hope that they are given for the right reasons.

Kitty kisses from Delali to all of you!


What greater gift than the love of a cat? ~Charles Dickens


13 thoughts on “The love of a cat…

  1. What a lovely update of Delali! I loved all the pictures, and really could imagine all the outdoor adventures while people were worried sick. Delali giving up cuddling and then suddenly coming back to it reminds me of a teenager looking for freedom and then realizing the warmth of family is way better than freedom. I hope the change is permanent!

  2. If it was raining dogs I could see why she’d be so upset but with fellow cats falling from the sky who could be afraid? 😉

    By the way, I LOVE finding other rain people. Rain and storms are … well everything YOU said. I remember the exact place I was sitting when, as a little girl, I discovered the sandpaper lick of a cuddling cat. Is there anything better? And combined with the sound of rain and thunder … ahhhhh. Enjoy your kickazz day. 🙂

  3. Ahhh, yes I remember the days of kitty-cat snuggles. Sadly my boy is no longer here to give them to me, and to be honest as he got older he got a whole lot LESS cuddly and whole lot more angry-old-man LOL.

    Have you considered a cat run for your girl? A large enclosed area that she can have a good romp in outside. I’ve seen some that are quite narrow, say a three feet across, but are long and in some cases run the length of the house. Of course they don’t need to be quite that big but it would let Delali get her ‘fix’ of the outdoors in a safe environment.

  4. I read that twice! Loved it …. she’s a gorgeous cheeky girl! You know, I think the cold may have something to do with it. During summer I really miss my girls as although they’re always around and with me, it’s too hot for hugs or cuddling up together on the lounge …. but come winter … different ball game.

    Loved the photos too!!! Send her my miaows … : )

  5. Yes, I am not quite sure what it is about cats, but they also make me melt. I love the way my cat Florence sometimes looks up and just smiles at me. Even better is when she is in a bad mood and gives me that ‘what on earth do you think you are doing’ sort of filthy look that makes you feel really stupid.

    Oh how come you don’t want her to be an outdoor cat? Those woods look amazing… very scary, very mysterious but wonderful for a cat to romp around in. She would always come back you know, she loves you and you feed her. Would you not want her to explore and be cattish? She would bring you little presents for sure, such as voles and mice. Just to show you how much she cares.

    Thanks for the photos, she is adorable.

  6. I LOVE that story!!!!! I just love it! Oh yes, she is so trying to butter you up for sure!! Hahahahaa. She has that look on her face.. Oh she even had a naughty look. So wonderful!!! xxxoooo (The outside looks like a magic wonderfland by the way!!!)

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  8. How on earth did I miss this post?! Eek!
    I think I would have had all sorts of heart attacks worrying about her out on the loose! I’ve certainly wished many times that I had radio collars like field-biologists (or whomever) use for my outdoor kitties! Where on earth do they go? Are there kitty conventions we’re unaware of? Do they have a leader named Chairman Meow?
    : )
    It sounds like she certainly is happy to be back indoors with you, though! : )
    She’s such a sweetheart–I love her little white paw sticking out in the window pic. So cute! Give her a hug for me!!!

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