30 things I learned before age 30…

Rebecca suggested this prompt.  It really is a thought-provoker.  What all HAVE I learned up to age 30?   (I’m actually 31 but who’s counting?)  There are obviously so many things I’ve learned during thirty years on this planet but, when asked the question directly, it is hard to really put my finger on the most important, the most significant lessons that I’ve learned.

So, while not necessarily earth-shatteringly wise or insightful, here are a FEW – thirty to be precise – of the things I’ve learned up to age 30.

(In no particular order…)

  1. Your family really can be your best friends.
  2. On the other hand, it really, TRULY is important to have a best friend.
  3. A cat’s love is second to none and truly imperative to a full and content life.
  4. Squid is just really disgusting.
  5. It’s the little things that count: hand-written thank you notes, a Saturday morning call to a good friend, a bouquet of hand-picked flowers to an elderly person.
  6. Sometimes, doing nothing is as important as being on the go.
  7. There is very little that a nice long nap can’t cure.
  8. Life is made of changes and phases.
  9. Experiences are more important than things.
  10. Take every opportunity possible to sit in a porch swing on a beautiful day.
  11. Don’t lie about your feelings.  If you feel bad or blue, say so.  There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your feelings and no one, really, to answer to.
  12. Study more and party less in college.
  13. Really put some THOUGHT into what your college major will be.  This decision truly will affect the rest of your life.
  14. Art is more useful than math.
  15. Time spent on yourself is never wasted.  Sit and read a book, take yourself to dinner and a movie, have a home-spa day, go to bed early sometimes.
  16. There is no happiness in the world like pressing your ear to the belly of a purring cat.
  17. More isn’t always better.  Sometimes it is just more.
  18. Hug the ones you love – and tell them that you love them – as often as possible.
  19. Have a hobby.
  20. Never pass up an opportunity to experience something new (as long, of course, as it is safe, ethical, moral and legal.)
  21. There will always be some members of your family that you just don’t like.  It is a truth universal.  Don’t push something that won’t fit.
  22. In relationships, don’t pine over people that don’t want to be with you.  Why on earth would you want someone who doesn’t want you?  Why on earth WOULDN’T someone want you?  Again, don’t push something that won’t fit.
  23. Anytime is an okay time to start over.
  24. You may have problems – everyone does.  However, there is always someone in the world, somewhere, who has it worse than you do.
  25. This too shall pass.
  26. You are stronger than you think you are.
  27. You are wiser than you think you are.
  28. Listen to your gut.  We all have one and they all speak to us.  Learning to listen to it is an art, a very beneficial skill to have.
  29. Blogs are fun.  Internet friends can be just as powerful and supportive as real-life friends.
  30. You are the only person who can be a really good you.

See… some of these really aren’t that sage but they are important lessons to me.  Hope you gleaned something from them today.

Happy SATURDAY!  (It really is Saturday today!  I’ve got it right!!)


12 thoughts on “30 things I learned before age 30…

  1. I second Kelly above me. I’m halfway through my twenties, and appreciate the ability to learn from the lessons of others! Especially the part about naps, my favorite cure for a problem!

  2. I love this post… And well you don’t have to feel bad about your addiction, I’m an addict to grey’s anatomy as well! It’s nothing to be ashamed off, it’s just a really good show!

    Here in the Netherlands they just finished season 3, and the new episodes will be back next year I hope! I loved Addison actually! And I just loooove Alex!!!!!!

    So enjoy Greys anatomy as much as you can! I have to miss it a few months more!!!

    Thank you for sharing this!


  3. Oh no, I posted my comment on the wrong post! I’m so sorry. Love this post aswell though! It’s funny and a lot of things are so true…. Really inspired me thank you!!!!!!! xxx

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