Procrastination & Addiction

I’ve been putting this blog post off today, for some reason, mostly because I’m a procrastinator. It is 7:oo p.m. and I’m just now putting fingers to keys. What’s worse is that I really have no idea what to write about. But, I committed to NaBloPoMo and plan to stick it through.

Today found me packaging up some parcels to send out tomorrow. Some of them were sales from my Etsy store. Hooray on that! The others, however, were swap packages.

To be clear, I love swaps. Anyone who has gotten involved in them would probably agree that they are addictive. Well, they are. However, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve become so “addicted” that I’ve had to create a chart to keep them all separate.

This cannot happen again.

The truth is that my favorite part of a swap is sending things out and meeting great new people in BlogLand (although I’ve met some really not-so-great ones too… just how it goes, I guess). I have plenty of gift-y items here already to do hundreds of swaps. I like receiving things but not nearly as much as I like putting packages together. But, that takes time and, including shipping, it takes money.

So, while I love it, I have to practice restraint in future. In the immediate future, like after I fulfill the ones I’m currently committed to.

I find myself particularly tempted by book swaps, similar to the one I hosted here some time ago. I like sending out books and I like getting books. I always send books from my own collection; I never go and buy new books. Since I have over 2,000 books, I have plenty to pick from. Or so I thought. During these past few book swaps, I’ve found myself more reluctant than normal to select which books to part with. I will pick up a volume and say, “I might read that (again) sometime.”

But, I try to do justice by the book swaps (all swaps really). I have gotten some really great books in return including: Momma Zen, The Sixteen Pleasures, Caliph’s House, Tales of a Female Nomad. I just hope the books I send out are up to par.

Speaking of books… why is it that BOOKS are the very things that you loan and never get back? Why do people keep books when they know that they were loaned, not given? I don’t get this. I’ve loaned five books THIS YEAR that have not been returned. I might not ever read them again but I could give them in swaps and such. The bottom line is that since they are my books and were loaned in good faith and friendship, they should be given back. This is just a little pet peeve of mine, I guess.

Thanks for bearing with me through the rant.

So, my days at SwapDex will be few and far between now. I still do plan to host a Christmas swap here so be on the lookout for that. I’ve not worked out ALL the details for it yet but I hope it will be fun all the same. If you have suggestions for a Zazazu Christmas Swap, let me know!

I should get going. I need to go procrastinate more package-packaging.

See you all again tomorrow!



You are standing at exactly the place towards which you have been traveling
for seven years or seventy years or seven hundred years.
Your reality is within you, it is not somewhere else.
But to understand the point, sometimes it takes years.
You knock on many doors before you come to your own door…
and then you are puzzled, because this is the house you had left
and this is the house you have been searching for.

~Osho from “Beyond Enlightment”


13 thoughts on “Procrastination & Addiction

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  2. Hey sweetie! You are such a good “mailer”. I, as you know, am horrible with mail. I think it was from all the time I put in during my EBay Power Seller years. I just got tired of the post office all together. Anyway…wish I were more creative like you!

    As for books… I give almost all of my books away. I used to keep them, but then when we moved and I had a zillion books to move and I knew I wouldn’t read them all again, so I then and there made the decision to #1) utilize the library and stop buying books and #2) Give my books away. I do have treasured ones that I hold onto, but the ones I loan out I put a little sticker in the front cover that says “When done with this book, please pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it as much as you did.” That takes the pressure off of the people to return it and it gives them the option of doing something good for someone else, which they usually do! I usually hear later where the book ended up.
    Anyway – my suggestion would be to stop loaning out the books that you really want to keep. Suggest the title to someone and tell them where they can find it, but if you expect to have the copy back then hold onto instead of loaning it out. You are just too nice 🙂

  3. It is so true that books are the one thing you loan that people feel totally comfortable not giving back! That drives me crazy, because if I like a book enough to loan it out, it probably means that I like it enough that I want it back! I’m very stingy with who I will loan books to as a result!

    Good luck with all your packaging and mailing!

  4. Ganbatte on blogging everyday! I would find that difficult to do!!! I Christmas swap sounds good! I would like to get involved in that! And I would be happy to swap one of my prints for one of your collage prints if you have any…

  5. I’m so intrigued by all of your titles that you received! I totally get dibs on the Momma Zen when you finish it, if you want to pass it along.

    The only swaps I have done have been hosted by you!

    Any jewelry in the future at Recy?

  6. I don’t know why that is with books. I’ve noticed when I return books to people who’ve loaned them to me, they usually look a little puzzled, as if they never expected to have it back.

    And also, yea you for NaBloPoMo. I plan on participating starting November 1.

    And another also – I liked that quote. A lot.

  7. I will be mailing your package tomorrow – I have a few other packages I still have to get ready. You are amazing you can go through your own library, I always end up at the used book store and buy way more then I need too! I think I am very addicted to swaps as well!

  8. I hear ya, swap overload!
    Ack, that drives me mad too about books. And if you do get them back, they’re all wrecked and trashed with torn covers, dirt and bent pages. I have the same problem with CDs too. People borrow them and don’t return them!
    PS. I’d love to be in a Christmas swap – the only suggestion that I can come up with is that we make something more meaningful for each other rather than red and green and santas and fluff. hmmm…

  9. I’ve never done a blog swap but they have always fascinated me. Maybe someday…..

    My husband’s grandmother is so sweet about lending me her books. She just lent me the new Nicholas Sparks book and I devoured it (not literally). She has thousands of books that I’d love but could never afford to buy (and our local libarary sucks, and I do not say that lightly). People should appreciate when people lend them books!

  10. you are the queen of mail and deserve the title. I am glad you found hobbies you like. As for me, I like the idea of swapping in fact I enjoy it a lot but I can’t keep to a schedule and am always late mailing things 😦

  11. Errr… NaNoBloPo starts officially in November, right? Right? I’m not confused, am I??

    I hear you on procrastination, it’s something I struggle with daily. Or else put off till tomorrow….. 😉

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