Needing Thursday.. Stat.

So that no one will think that I have an addictive personality, I am going to call the following an obsession. I’m not sure which is worse.

The truth is that I’m wishing… pining… hoping… yearning… anticipating… awaiting… raring for Thursday. Why you ask?

Grey’s Anatomy.

I know, I know… it is SO cliche to watch and love and be obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. You probably know at least twenty people who love it like I do. And, it is a bit pathetic, I know.

But, I love it, I do. I love McDreamy and McSteamy and ESPECIALLY Alex. And I can’t wait to see how they bring Ava back on Thursday night. And I hate Lexi being on there now and I HATE that McDreamy shows her any attention at all. And I can’t believe that two women are fighting over George. And I hate how ditzy Izzy acts and how clueless Meridith acts. I want Bailey to be back in charge and I want the Chief and Adele back together. And I’m so glad that Addison is finally gone because I just didn’t like her. And…

And… I know WAY too much about this show! I am WAY too involved with these characters. I mean… I actually talk about them like I know them, like they work at the local hospital. (Man, I wish they did.)

I’m about to go into anaphylactic shock.

Yet, every Thursday night (since I got hooked), I have have have to be near a TV. If I miss it, I go into withdrawal, like I’m coming off of crack cocaine or something. I get the shakes. I get headaches. I don’t sleep well. It is a horrid sight. (Disclaimer: I have never been on crack cocaine and don’t really know anything about the withdrawal from it. Mentioned only for dramatic effect and emphasis.)

A friend, who tried forever to get me to watch Grey’s, told me once that if I watched one episode, I would be hooked. Dang her… she was right.

I need my McDreamy. I need my McSteamy. I need my Alex and my Ava (TOGETHER!). I need Seattle Grace. Pathetic but true.

So all you Grey’s watchers, please come forth and make me feel better about this obsession. Tell me that you also love it. Tell me that you have to watch it every Thursday. Tell me that you long for Thursday like one might long for Christmas.

Or just tell me that I’m crazy.


Le sigh…


13 thoughts on “Needing Thursday.. Stat.

  1. Okay, you know I LOVE Grey’s. It’s awful. It’s so bad. I work in a hospital. I know how unrealistic this stuff all is. But man, oh man…. I LOVE this show. I hate Izzy and George, incidentally. I think that after Izzy and Denny (OMG I loved him) Izzy and George is just a joke. And I also hate Lexi. Can’t stand her. Love McDreamy. Love how patient he is. I kind of miss Burke. I don’t like Callie in charge, either. And btw, Private Practice? Not even almost a little bit as good as Grey’s.

    Feel better? 🙂

  2. Oh Miss Karen… it’s funny that you write this entry because I was thinking about making my next post about how I’m NOT watching Grey’s anymore. I admit I’m addicted, but the writing has gotten so bad. I’m upset with the direction they have take with it. George and Izzy are completely different people from the characters they presented the first 1.5 years. It saddens me how lightly George took his wedding vows. I don’t believe the real George they showed us in the beginning would have done that.

    (I can’t believe you like Alex!) 😉

    I’m giving up Grey’s. Desperate Housewives is the best show on TV! It’s amazing!

  3. I am with you on this one. My husband thinks I am crazy and leaves the room every thursday night, but that is fine with me. I love it. I can’t wait for this week to see what happens with Ava. I think that Alex is a good guy at heart..he has to be right 😉 George is turning into a flake.

  4. I think I am the only person I know who doesn’t watch this show, who has never seen it.

    I don’t know how that is either except every commercial I’ve ever seen shows a part of a scene that looks like it’s sad – somebody is dying or something. I GET that it’s in a hospital so that all makes sense. I just like my entertainment to, you know, entertain, rather than sadden or distress.

    Then again, I’ve never seen it and don’t know what I’m talking about.

  5. You are not alone!!!!
    I watch it. I love it. I watched it faithfully even last season when they got all confused with the Meredith drowning business and seemed to have lost their mojo. Still, I couldn’t turn away.

    I feel like they are back on track this season and I will be there for every episode!

  6. I don’t watch it and I probably never will. I have an need to avoid any show to do with a hospital setting no matter how good it is. I just avoid hospitals in general.

  7. I too watch it every week, but I make it a point not to watch on Thursday nights. Too much stuff going on from the beginning of the week that still needs to be wrapped up. Instead, I watch it on ABC’s site anytime on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday when I’m free. That way I can pause it whenever I want to, or go back to any spots I want to see again, the commercials are shorter, and I can be anywhere with wifi.. so I can watch it sitting outside, when I’ve decided to lounge around in bed, etc, etc rather than just where I have a television.

    I’m afraid I have all the opposite character preferences as you though and I’m starting to lose my patience with the writers of Grey’s Anatomy. I almost dread seeing two characters that I like get together because the writers seem hellbent on making sure that no one is ever happy.. that no couples truly stick together. Give it another episode or two and they’ll have fallen apart somehow. Bah humbug, I say.

  8. This is my show, it has taken over Friends for me. I have to agree though that this year so far hasnt been the best year. I dont know what it is but something is missing from it. But no worries I will keep on watching it!

  9. I am right there with you Grey’s addicts. I put everything aside on Thursday nights religiously. My friend Kelly (who’s a nurse like you Kelly!) and I used to have Thursday night girl’s night with junk food, and would fight over George (she LOVES him and I think he’s too puppy dog and annoying). I agree with the disappointment with the direction the writing has taken, and Meredith is SO ANNOYING and the writing in of Lexi as a regular character was unnecessary.
    I look forward to see what they do with the Alex and Ava storyline, he is my favourite.

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