Short one tonight…

Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to.


I’m “buggered” (as my favorite Australian would say) tonight so this will just be a short, inspiration post. Until I muster up a longer post tomorrow, don’t forget to comment on my 200th post for a chance at my giveaway.

Night night everyone!


10 thoughts on “Short one tonight…

  1. Yep, buggered. You can also say “bugger it!” instead of the f-word when something goes wrong. That was my dad’s expression when we were growing up, I’ve never heard him use the f or c words. I also say “knackered” when I tired, but I think that’s of English origin.
    Love that photo by the way.

  2. Hmm, not sure I like that quote. It’s kind of scary.

    I say “I’m knackered” a lot, it is very English, meaning “I’m exhausted”. But then I am English. Actually, I say “I’m Cream Crakcered”, because it rhymes with “knackered”. My mother started that one.

    I try to avoid saying “I’m buggered”. It could mean aaaalll sorts of things.

  3. Yep, “I’m buggered” is a big favourite around here too. Also, just plain “bugger” when things go wrong.

    The only problem with that is when a certain 2-year-old who lives in the house runs to Daddy holding out her sore hand/food/whatever body part and exclaims “Buggar!” at the top of her lungs. Then I’m so busted LOL.

  4. You already know I tend to say “I’m pooped” when exhausted, and I realize now how rather uncouth that sounds, but it’s so commonplace here in my region (well, okay, household!) that I can’t help it. 🙂

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