Things I don’t understand.

  • Movies like Hostel and Saw – I understand that there are scary movies like Freddy Krueger or whatever but these go far and beyond that, in my opinion. I’ve not seen these but I’ve seen previews and glimpses of them and I just don’t get it. Why would someone want to watch things like this, the torture of other people? These, to me, are on par with snuff films.
  • Why I get so much porn in my email box – I get a little bit of it all and this perplexes me. Do any of you get inundated with these type messages?
  • Dancing With The Stars commercials – Ever since Marie Osmond passed out on the show, that is all they show as promotion for it. They say… “Anything can happen”… and then they show the footage of her passing out. What, I ask, does that have to do with dancing? Not much, I’d say.
  • Blow-up holiday things to go in the front yard – I’ve seen these at different places and they are upwards of $200! I guess I’m cheap, or stingy, or unfestive but I can’t see paying that for a blow-up snowglobe that will be rained on, chewed on, mucky and dirty and then have to be stored in the attic.
  • Telemarket calls that ask for whom you are voting in upcoming elections – I mean, isn’t this illegal?
  • The Bachelor – Isn’t it statistically impossible that 25 girls ALL be head-over-hills, crazy and uncontrollably, cat-fighting level in love with the same guy, unless, of course, it is Justin Chambers or Colin Firth?
  • Botox – Enough said.
  • Why cats can’t puke in one spot – Why do they have to puke one puke in three or four different spots?
  • Shows like Dr. Stevo – Why is this entertainment?  Men being ridiculous and being made into “men” via degrading and offensive methods?  Why is this on TV?  Am I just a prude?

Lots I don’t understand, I suppose.


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20 thoughts on “Things I don’t understand.

  1. Movies are just getting too creepy now, but thats how kids have to get their kicks cos Freddy is nothing to them. It’s pretty sad.
    A blowup snowglobe?? Part of me would love one!
    Telemarketers ask you who you’re going to vote for??? That has got to be illegal!

  2. I didn’t know you loved Justin Chambers! Me too 🙂

    About cats – When I had my Miss Kitty, she would always get sick, but would move off of the hardwoods and/or linoleum to get sick on the carpet or furniture. Literally, she’d run off of those areas just to get to a place that was much harder to clean.

  3. I really hate those commercials with Marie Osmond passing out, because if that were me I would feel so embarrassed to have that moment being used as this whole huge marketing tool to make people watch the show. I think it’s opportunistic, and I think it sucks.

  4. If you leave the cat puke long enough, the cat will eat it up again. Something else to add to your list, perhaps. As for the voting thing – I don’t know. I think it’s just so that people have a general idea and can plan their campaigning. I just think it’s rude and annoying. Scary films – I back you up 100% on that one. The Batchelor – it’s demeaning and insulting and I don’t watch it. I don’t have a choice anyway, they don’t show it over here. The big blow up things… hmmm. My first trip to the States was around Christmas and it seemed like everyone in the mid-west had one. I found it odd, slightly scary and then I relaxed and just thought it was funny. Not sure I would fork out $200 for an inflatable reindeer.

  5. I love this post! And I agree with so many of the things you don’t understand!

    I love DWTS, BUT, I don’t watch TV otherwise, so I haven’t seen the promo ads… they are using the faint to promote? That’s just silly. I guess people are fascinated by others’ misfortunes. Something else I don’t understand!

    I watched The Bachelor early on (years ago) but haven’t in quite some time. It’s just silly and it so doesn’t work (there’s only ONE relationship, that I’m aware of, that has worked – and it was the Bachelorette!)

    And the whole cat thing – I wish someone would send the memo to our cats (five in all!) that puking like that is not acceptable! Yuck! Although – I am glad to hear it’s not just mine doing it!! Helps somehow!

  6. Great post. Great questions.
    The movies? Got me.
    The passing out commercial? Insulting and unkind.
    The cat vomit? Wish I knew.
    Porn in your inbox? Switch to gmail. I’ve been very happy with the noticable absence of porn.
    The Bachelor? Insulting and disheartening and are we really still here as women?
    Blow up holiday decorations? My son loves them but all I can say I’m grateful we live in an apartment and such things are not an option.

  7. ME, EITHER. I have never seen Saw or Hostel or any number of the grossout movies that are vogue these days. That these movies do so well has got to say something disturbing about our youth, or whoever it is who pays money to see them.

    I heart gmail! No spam! Love it! I’m a convert.

    The Bachelor, the Bachelorette…bleh. Artificial, like most reality shows.

  8. 1. I think that the people making the movies feel like we, the movie-goers, think these movies are scarier because ‘it could happen to me’. You don’t want to think of anyone doing those awful things to other people, but it could really happen, which makes it terrifing.

    2. I don’t get any porn email. Have you checked your filter settings? Can you mark it as junk mail?

    3. Ratings! Ratings! Ratings! Because we are mindless zombies.

    4. People are lazy. Pay the big bucks for something you can just throw out there and plug in and TA-DA your decorated for the holidays.

    5. I don’t answer telemarketers calls. If its unknown I don’t answer. If its someone I know they can leave a message and I will call them right back.

    6. Again, Ratings! Ratings! Ratings! And it’s all fake. Reality TV is no longer truely reality.

    7. Botox is gross.

    8. Ugh, I don’t know! But I wish I did. Or why can’t they do it on a hard suface instead of the nearest rug?

    9. Ratings! Ratings! Ratings! I have never heard of Dr. Stevo. I don’t watch shows like that anyways.

  9. I heartily agree with each and every one!!! Well, I haven’t heard of Dr. Stevo, but it sounds awful! The tacky yard things–something I don’t prefer, but apparently the neighbor kids do. There are times when I think of what could have been bought with the money spent on plastic/rayon/whatever, like netting for many families living in malaria-infested areas, or other things that are often taken for granted here. Sigh.
    Great post–this should be a meme thingy!!! : )

  10. I’m with you on those awful movies. I don’t need to be traumatised by watching a movie. Real life can be ugly enough.

    You know what show really ticks me off? ‘Girls of the Playboy Mansion’. argh! (and most reality shows, but that sorta goes without saying.)

  11. I really dislike all scary movies, so I’m with you on that one. I have to admit I watch the bachelor, mostly to make fun of those awful girls. They are always so desparte and who falls in love in a setting like that in only 6 weeks or whatever it is?! It’s one of those shows I should be embarassed about watching, but I still watch it.

  12. I get a lot of mail telling me I can enlarge my.. hmm.. manhood. Which is a bit of a problem because I don’t have a manhood. 😉 Lucky me though, I don’t get any pr0n.

    I’m just dropping by from the NaBloPoMo blogroll. As if posting 30 posts a day wasn’t enough, I’m trying to comment on as many blogs as I can as well. We have a group on NaBloPoMo as well – in case you want to join the insanity.

    NaBloPoMo Commenting Challenge Group


  13. I like this post. I may have to try a version too.

    Oh, I looked up the NaBloPoMo thing, and I think I’m going to try too. I’ll probably fail, but it’s worth a try, right?


    Thanks for the motivation. I know that my mom thanks you!

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