Digging my way out

I’m not going to be whiney and complain-y again tonight because – well – I don’t have anything to be whiney and complain-y about.  However, it is interesting to note that I had more comments on yesterday’s post than on any other in the history of my blog.  Hmm… maybe I should give my unfounded opinion on child-rearing more often.

Today has seen me trying to dig my way out of a pile – many piles actually – of junk!   I have been trying to clean out my office area and had not before realized how much STUFF I really have.  Maybe I have mentioned this before… I’m not sure.  I have about fifty fashion magazines that I’m tossing.  I like to look at them but the perfume inserts really give me a headache and I don’t need anymore headaches than I already have now.  I’ve also already got two Rubbermaid boxes filled with stuff to toss.  Wahoo!  Purses, vintage items, craft items, glasswear, a Care Bear, a duvet, candle holders, etc. etc. etc.

And get this… I’ve not even tackled the closet yet!  Eeeeek!

I had thought about taking a picture of this chaos to post here but then I chickened out.  I just do not have the courage to show anyone else all of this.

It makes me wonder why I have all of this stuff, why I NEED all of this stuff.   I don’t really and I’m trying to down-size, in a major way.  But, I think it will take several sweep-throughs to get it all really, REALLY, weeded out.  This is just the beginning.

But a scary one.  If I don’t post tomorrow, just assume that I got smothered by a pile of junk here in my office.  Put out an APB for me, if you will.

As my wise friend Kelly said a bit ago, sleep sounds sexy.  I’m about to dig myself out and go have some for myself.  Night night…

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤~~¤


11 thoughts on “Digging my way out

  1. First of all…I COMPLETELY agree with your take on the state of childhood…what a mess! I was always outside, playing in the dirt, playing with roly poly bugs or making a fort out of grass…tsk..tsk..on all the absentee parents…
    And…I know what you mean about the virtual life…but I have found that I am living a more vivid life in my non internet world, since I want to have something to actually write about when I go virtual. At least, that is how it has worked with me. I feel somewhat accountable to my small audience here in blog land to keep coming up with new pieces of jewelry, focusing on my photography, thinking about the common, yet meaningful experiences that fill up my non virtual life.
    I love your comments on my blog…and our virtual friendship turned into a real life friendship because of this miraculous thing called the internet…so, look on the brighter side of this subject…you have enriched so many lives because of your courage to be real here…
    Just a thought from another big sis…

  2. Please tell me you are donating and not throwing away! One mans junk is another mans treasure! (plus its the eco friendly way to go!) Wish I lived near you, since I already have too much “treasure” but keep bring home more!

  3. I can’t think of a more fun afternoon than destashing. I love going through things, getting nostalgic, getting new ideas and cleaning out. What a great feeling when it is done! I am doing some myself this weekend!

  4. Diss on the magic of the Worldwide InterWeb if you must, but yesterday’s cleaning extravaganza was much easier with you as a virtual partner. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found so far? I found a cardboard pickle. WTF?

  5. Amen to getting rid of the *stuff*. It only clutters up your life and I’m all for purging it! I know how easily it accumulates though. Staying on top of it isn’t always easy.
    Good luck and I will send out an ABP if you aren’t back soon. I completely understand about chickening out with a photo. It would be exposing yourself and while it sounds like a good idea it can be frightening, or at least that’s what I think.

  6. Wait – stop – Rebeeca, did you say “cardboard pickle.” Yeah, I’m with you – WTF.

    Congrats for being so darn productive! That surely earned you some good internet time.

  7. First, you totally haven’t been “whiney and complain-y!” 🙂
    Second, YAY for getting rid of stuff! That’s a major undertaking–one I need to do, too, actually! (Yikes–so happy you can’t see my clutter right now!)
    Good luck!!! Hope you don’t get lost in the pile!!! 🙂

  8. I just cleaned like a fiend for my Halloween party, and now I can find nothing! Its horrible. And what I can find is buried under more crap so there are tons of projects I need to dig back out again. Bleh!

  9. How did I already comment on this entry?

    So I totally understand what you mean. But honestly the opposite happens to me more. The opposite being I think everything I do upsets people and in actuality I’m just paranoid.

    But sometimes what you were talking about happens. And then I don’t know what to trust. I’m always confused. *sigh*

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