Metabolism, metabolism… wherefore art thou?

Being in the presence of a stick-thin, seventeen-year-old really makes you ponder your age, your size and – for me anyway – my metabolism.

Where has it gone? It isn’t low, folks, it is GONE. It isn’t here. I had a lovely metabolism on July 26, 2006 at 2:10 p.m. but on July 26, 2006 at 2:11 p.m. the metabolism was GONE… forever.

Now that I’m … ahem … 31, I can’t eat whatever I want and have it gush out through a hole in my foot. I can’t eat a pan of brownies and not see it on my rear the next day. I can’t scarf down a plate of fried food and my gut not get two sizes bigger within an hour (no joke).

Le sigh…

When I was – say – a stick-thin, seventeen-year-old, I couldn’t imagine a day when I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted and have it not be seen me at all. No way, I said, would that EvvvvvvvvER happen to Meeeeeeee! ::: Gasp! :::

But, you know how this story ends… with everything I eat winding up on MY end.

Ahhhh to have my clothes fit like they do on a stick-thin, seventeen-year-old… To have everything fall into place nicely with no lumps or bumps or rolls protruding, etc… To have everything just sit there, as it should, like it does on a size negative-10 mannequin. Ah yes… those were the days… that would be nice.

But, even though I can’t go back to those sky-rocketing metabolism days, surely I can slightly awaken a sluggish, 31-year-old metabolism, right?

And I said it would never happen to me. Ha! This is a kick in the larger-than-I’d-like-them-to-be pants!

Take note youngsters! No one escapes! And if you do, I don’t want to hear about it!!!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤~~¤

To fly, we have to have resistance. ~ Maya Lin

14 thoughts on “Metabolism, metabolism… wherefore art thou?

  1. I’m afraid I never had a body like that. I always struggled with my weight.

    I’m actually thinner now than I was in high school, but it’s not because I have a better metabolism. I did Weight Watchers and lost 40 pounds. Ugh! It’s hard. I totally know what you are talking about.

  2. I put on an undisclosed amount of kilos this year, it doesn’t always wait until your thirties, count yourself lucky it did!

  3. In all my years of living abroad, travelling, experience and living amongst people from all walks of life, I have observed that people with weight issues tend to be from the US. Now KB don’t get me wrong, I don’t for one moment think you are fat, you are NOT in any way fat, you look absolutely gorgeous on your photos, so I wouldn’t worry about a couple of love handles, I am sure we ALL have them tucked away somewhere… but it seems to be a universal truth that many Americans seem to struggle with their weight. My boyfriend is American and many of my closest friends are from America, this is not a judgement, and I hope beyond all hopes that I am not being offensive here, I truly don’t mean to be.

    But I have had many discussions with both Americans and non-Americans as to why this is. If you go to Europe, ‘fat’ is a social stigma, you simply aren’t allowed to be fat. But generally people tend to lead much healthier lifestyles. They exercise and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. I have only been to the States twice, but both times I was shocked by the amount of fast food and quick-meals and snacks that are so readily available. S and I were driving through Mississipi and stopped at a service station and I was a little taken a back that the lady behind the counter was shocked that I asked if they had any fruit (I had OD-ed on beef jerky and coffee for the previous 700 miles or so).

    I am cautiously raising this point because I am curious. In the UK, which seems to follow the US in most things these days, the incidences of obesity have sky rocketed in the last few years, it’s scary. Children are podgier today than they have EVER been before. I think it’s to do with 2 things: economics and a general way of life. Fast food is cheaper and easier to prepare, people have less time and money to spend on healthy organic stuff; and eating poorly becomes routine and is easier on the pocket.

    So anyway KB, this is really a general comment and observation and in NO way directed at you, as I said, you are beautiful and have nothing to worry about. And I hope that what I said hasn’t been offensive, it certainly is not my intention. Maybe just trying to launch a debate? What do you think?

    Big hugs,

  4. You had it right – no one escapes! There is an invisible switch! It’s true.

    Back in the day, when I was in high school I would go to the local meat-and-three joint *every day* after school and order a chicken nugget basket. This, my friend, was an order of battered and deep fried chicken strips, wonderfully greasy and crunchy french fries AND a hot dog bun, split, buttered, and crisped on a griddle. It was divine.

    [Note – Just realized I’m confirming every terrible thing Captain Cat observed about life in the US Deep South. Sorry.]

    I did not run track or play basketball or anything like that. Yet I ate the aforesaid chicken nugget basket. As a snack. And was right smack dab in the healthy weight range for my height. Without even trying.

    You know, it’s true. Youth is so wasted on the young. ‘Cause I so didn’t appreciate it. I just thought, “Cool! Loves me some chicken nugget baskets!” I must have thought it’d always be like that.

    This is depressing, come to think of it. Off to work out and then “enjoy” a bowl of Kashi cereal with skim milk.


  5. Ugh, yes 30 sucks in terms of metabolism. I am the same spot as you now. NEVER did I have to watch what I ate or really exercise, by nature I was active and now well office work, yikes = office butt. I am trying to bring iodized salt back into my diet this past week. I have been reading medical reports linking it to multiple cases of thyroid malfunction and weight gain because the people in the cases switched to all natural sea salt or other options which don’t have enough iodine. I did make this switch about 2 years ago. Where else do you get it from, seaweed, kale. I do have seaweed every couple of weeks in sushi, I should try to eat it more. Although iodized table salt isn’t the best thing (bleached, chemicals, etc) the benefits outweigh the negatives in this case.

  6. Oh my gosh! I have a love/hate relationship with my age and my body. lol. I have a nearly 16 year old cousin and she is just TOO cute and I wonder if I was that cute when I was 16. Probably. lol. I love her and hate her (i.e. I’m just jealous) all at the same time.

    But, I don’t think I would want to be stick thin even if I had the option. There are some great things about getting older. I love how my body went from all pointy angles to soft curviness. I’m working on getting rid of excess weight, but I want to keep my curves and my softness. My husband likes it..and most of the do I.

  7. I have n`t seen your latest photos, but on these what I have seen, You look gorgeous. Not all women are prettier when they are thinner. It`s just that little portion of female attraction that you now have and 17-years old can only dream of…..seriously!
    I have promised myself that I don`t speak about staying in good shape, because I`m so lucky with my genes (- thank You, Dad!), so I pretty much eat what I want. I have to admit that everything what has “healthy” written allover it, is appealing to me. Seriously. Maybe I`m addicted to healthy food…….I don`t know. But genes are the best part of my body 🙂

  8. you know, I struggle with this constantly…all the time….but you know, when I found out that I have Celiac, I really thought the weight would come off…I mean, no bread, no pasta, no donuts (not that I ate them, I don’t like that much sweet), but now, I am pretty much the same size as I was pre Celiac…
    I eat some eggwhites for breakfast…usually a meat/veg combo for lunch and dinner…I don’t really snack and I don’t go back for seconds. I have been walking to work…about 2.5 miles every morning…and…..NOTHING! But I do use Sea salt…but I also eat sushi about 2 x a week…so ….I don’t get it…
    Maybe more water intake…anyway…interesting discussion about the European methods…But I really felt like a moose in Asia….sheesh….they make most Europeans looks obese…

  9. I have wanted to comment on this and finally I’ve gotten to it!
    Thank Goodness our bodies eventually tell us to start living with moderation, because a life lived moderately is just better, mentally, emotionally and physically.
    AND Thank Goodness life is lived in seasons: who would want a lifetime of the angst the average 17-year-old deals with?

    Which is not to say that I know many women who are entirely happy with their bodies. Sigh.

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