$30 mil and pickle juice

Firstly, I love the title of this post. It is like a cheesy novel title or something. Ha! Okay, I’m easily amused.

For anyone here that might be squeamish, skip this paragraph for I am truly drinking pickle juice right now, as I type. It would probably be good cut with a shot of vodka but, sadly, I’m just drinking it straight right now. Tasty, tasty. (Note: As far as I know, this isn’t necessarily a Southern thing, it is just a KB thing.)

Now for the $30 mil part. No, no, no… I didn’t win a lottery although that would be very nice right now as I’m poor. The $30 mil comes in regarding a discussion I had today. I was asked what I would do with the money if I were to win $30 million dollars.

This question didn’t take me long at all to answer. First of all, I’d set up a college fund for my nephew. Secondly, I would re-decorate my Mother’s house in ANY way she wanted it done. I’d knock out walls if she wanted it, re-paint and re-roof the WHOLE thing, put hardwood flooring in throughout the house, put up crown molding and get new furniture, appliances, etc. I’d give this beautiful house the WORKS, whatever she wanted. Then I would take our whole family to Hawaii as my Mother has always dreamed of us all going there together.

After doing whatever for my Mother that she wanted, I would buy myself a little house and a nice hybrid SUV. I’d go on a lovely trip for at least three months to the South of France to visit the lavender fields (my dream trip). Perhaps… just maybe… I’d buy a little cottage there so that I could go back often, whenever I wanted. I’d set aside enough travel money so that I could go other places over the years – Greece, India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, etc.

When I was talking about it earlier, I stopped here. I said that I would split the rest for my family and put the rest of my portion into investments and save it. However, upon thinking about it further for a little while, I know of one other thing I’d really like to do if I had that much money.

I’d like to live in New York City for just a little while, maybe a year. It has always been a dream of mine to live in NYC and, the past couple of years, I have put that dream aside. It isn’t that I don’t want to do that anymore but I don’t see it as a long-term thing for me. I’m Southern, after all, and really like being in wide open spaces – grass fields, ponds, a “mountain” and a creek all within walking distance. But, for a year or so, I’d really like to have an H&M, Steve & Barry’s, Broadway and Guggenheim within walking distance. I know several New Yorkers and, from their accounts of life there and from what I’ve witnessed for myself, it would be a cool transplantion for a bit. I love the idea of everything being nestled there so close together, every several blocks or so being a city within itself. And NYC truly has everything in the way of stores, attractions, events, things-to-do. Nowhere on Earth can you find a better smorgasbord of ways to spend your time.

So, yes, that would also be one of my to-dos if I were to win that much money. Of course, I’d want to live in NYC style, with a nice apartment on 5th Avenue overlooking Central Park. That would be mah-velous!

Perhaps I will someday be able to decorate my Mother’s house, travel to France and live in NYC but hopefully I won’t have to count on a $30 mil lotto to do it. I better get to saving!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤~~¤
Before I forget… I am looking for some good, tried-and-true casserole recipes. If you have one (or several), please send them my way! Thanks!



12 thoughts on “$30 mil and pickle juice

  1. Pickle juice?! That is a truly unique drink! 🙂
    $30 mil sounds so nice….
    It’s my sincerest wish that your dreams come true without the need of all that money to make them possible! 🙂

  2. So funny you mention pickle juice!!!

    Today at lunch I was eating french fries and I said something about liking the salt. My friend Kristen said, “How hard core are you? Do you drink pickle juice?”

    I smiled and said, “Well, I used to when I was a kid up through my teens. I haven’t done it in awhile though.”

    I think as a child, I always imagined that hard liquor tasted like pickle juice because people in the movies always had the same face when they took a shot. So funny, huh?

    As a southern gal, you’ll appreciate this. My favorite snack at the movie theater growing up was one of those big dill pickles. Delish! 🙂 I haven’t had one in so long.

  3. pickle juice…ugh…..my cousin would drink it when she was preggers, I could barely look at her, less because of the pickle juice and more because I knew she would be a lousy mom, lol.

    I loved hearing your 30mil plans, they were beautiful

  4. Oh gosh, I thought I was the only one who drank pickle juice. Thats a lot of sodium, you know! but so tasty. Sometimes we go to the Russian Vodka Room and they have pickle juice infused vodka, so yummy (at least I think, and I am sure you would too!) When you move to NYC we will go there, because you will move here eventually, if you want it badly enough 🙂

  5. Pickle juice? More info, please. Like, why? For the taste or is it part of a new wave diet or what?

    The only way I like pickles, are, um, (geez I hate to admit this) but fried. There. I said it.

    Casserole recipes, I got, honey. Let me know if you’re looking for vegetable, entree, etc.

  6. lol! i love that you drink pickle juice!

    i’ve often dreamed of living in nyc for a short period as well…i couldn’t do it long term, but it’s such an inspiring, bustling, creative place that it would be fun for a temporary transplant!

  7. You know you really crack me up. I didn’t get grossed out with the pickle juice at all. I’ve never tried it but I would.
    We are similar. I *love* NY. My family all hails from NY. I have so many relatives there it’s insane. I also have the fantasy/dream to live there. I can tell you that if I did win the Lotto (although I don’t know how I ever would because I don’t play – maybe I should) I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to buy a NYC apartment. I love city life.
    It definitely won’t take $30 million to do the things you want, thankfully.
    I love casseroles but sheesh I don’t have any recipes off the top o’my head. I still owe you music suggestions, and a soup recipe. (I’m in trouble now)

  8. Pickle juice…I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that bit.

    Your $30 mill dream is almost like mine. France, NYC, the good life. I’d start saving but you can’t save what you haven’t got lol.

  9. That’s ok about the pickle juice, I crave vinegar all the time and drink it with water…
    I was in NY for 4 days…and I don’t think I would ever want to live there, unless, of course, I was filthy rich and could live way up high where you can still see the sky…too many people and too many urine-y smelling areas for my taste….
    30 million is a lot of money.
    That is a lot of choices, isn’t it? I like your list of things to do with it, though…

  10. My husbands grandmother loves pickle juice. She buys a HUGE bottle of pickles from the store and takes sips of the stuff until it’s all gone and then throws away the pickels….blech!

    If I had 30 million dollars…wow what I would do with it. Pay off the 150K that will have in student loans once my hubby graduates Vet school next year….and shop…and…er…stuff…too many things I’d wnat to do with it, for me and for others. Thanks for getting my mind going on this though…I love to day dream!

    Are you still looking for good casserole recipes?

  11. When I was a kid I had a friend who I always saw walking around with pickle juice popsicles. I still don’t get it, but it’s not foreign and scary like it might be to others.

    My mom makes a really awesome breakfast casserole that has eggs, sausage, hash browns, and cheese in it but I don’t have the recipe. I wish I did!

  12. I love your $30 mil fantasy.
    Travel everywhere with my kids. Do a couple things to my house – small little things. Set up a little brick and morter shop. Take a pottery (wheel thrown, please) class. Two college funds.
    And it would be fun to live in NYC again for a couple years, maybe right after we spend that college money.

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