Code Blue.

Only two items of interest tonight and both of them are very serious.

  1. I waxed my eyebrows last night and darned near pulled all the skin off my eyelids. There is a scar there now. They are red and unsightly. Who let me near hot wax in the first place?
  2. Even more serious than that, I MUST MUST MUST* lose weight SOON! I don’t want some sort of mysterious witch’s brew of a concoction to help me lose it. I want to lose it healthfully but also as quickly as possible (I’m also not interested in starving myself – I do like food.) I knew this was at a “Code Blue” status when I mentioned that I was “weighty” and my aunt – who loves me dearly – didn’t disagree. Yipes. Ideally, I’d like to lose 30 pounds. Any sage advice out there for me?

As I had mentioned last night, my posts in the coming weeks will be short and sweet, if posted at all. That’s all for tonight, folks. It’s an early night for me; we have a yard sale to man tomorrow! I’ll need all the good vibes I can get.

*Bold letters included to express severity of said situation.


19 thoughts on “Code Blue.

  1. I wish I knew how… I need to lose 20. My family started a weight loss challenge two weeks ago. Everyone puts $10 in the pot and the person who has lost the largest percentage of body weight by our family Christmas in January wins the pot. $150…which would be great to have, but even that hasn’t motivated me.

  2. I agree with Kelly, just try WW for three months and see if it works for you. I didn’t go to meetings, I did it all online. I’m not currently on WW, but it helped change the way I eat. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still go thru the fast food lane, or order a pizza, or pig out on ice cream. I just do it..less. I eat less of everything, but nothing is off limits. I have coffee in the morning. I drink diet root beer if I need a ‘soda’ fix. I keep gummy worms in the house if I need something sweet.

    Also, the 100 calorie packets of snacks or crackers or whatever really, really help. It’s nice to be able to just grab a bag of something to snack on and know that it isn’t going to bust my ‘diet’.

  3. Oh, do I ever need to do it, too. I’ll chime in to recommend WW as well. It worked really well for me, until I got lazy and stopped trying. And now I need to get back to it. I hated the idea of going to meetings, so online was perfect – there are message boards where you can ask for any help or advice you need, tons of recipes, and the whole thing is focused on healthy weight loss and changing lifetime habits. It really is a good program, one that makes sure you’re not starving yourself, because that’s even worse for you than eating too much. And you can tailor it to fit your lifestyle. (I found, for example, that the 100-cal packs did not work for me, because it was way too easy to just eat several of them at a time. I need to fill the house with food that’s fine for me to munch on as much as I want.) Any nutrition plan is hard to get going on, but I found that once I got some healthy habits started, it became easy to keep at it. And it really works – at a healthy rate, which can seem slow, but if you’re really being consistent at it that measly pound or two per week adds up faster than you know it!

    Do I sound like a commercial? I’m reminding myself about it as much as anything. 🙂 Thanks for giving me a nudge I needed, too.

    And OUCH on the eyelids! I avoid hot wax in all its forms. Except candles.

  4. I think Donetta meant “tales from the scales” and yes, since you like to blog and keep up with others, that might be one way of staying accountable – nothing keeps you as honest as public accountability! Good luck, I am going through the same need to lose some weight and get into better shape after 3 months subsisting on carbs and doing zero exercise this summer! I tried WW and it did not work for me – I felt I had nothing in common with the ppl there, since it wasn’t that I didn’t know how to eat, I just don’t do it! But it is important to find what does work for you, so take the advice to at least get out there and find what that is, and don’t forget to include some form of exercise, even if it’s just an evening walk!
    As for your waxing tragedy, I feel your pain…had a professional remove twice as much skin as hair one time.

  5. 1. Ouch!
    2. You can’t lose it quickly, it won’t stay off. My advice, since I have been working on the same things since a few months ago. Strength Training (which yoga is good for and you love, maybe some small hand weights as well?),building muscles helps you to burn calories all day long. You will actually gain weight in the beginning, but don’t be scared, muscle weight more than fat, in a month you will see the weight start to come off as well. Also try not to cut back on everything at once, its too hard. maybe cut out (examples) all fried foods for two week and see how it goes, the next week and chocolate, the next cheese, etc.

    Good Luck and Good Luck with the Yard Sale!

  6. 1. Get liquid vitamin E and rub it on the skin you ripped off. It will elp it heal and prevent scarring.
    2. I need to lose weight also. I actually have dropped a dress size. I have been eating lots of frutis and veggies. Very little, if no, dairy and sugar. If you are oging to have bread or pasta have whole grain. AND Cardio, lots of cardio.

    Buena Suerte!! We can lose wight together!

  7. First tip: why are you waxing your eyelids? Pfffft. I never ever wax my eyebrows myself, I like having two too much to try. I go to the beauty therapist once in a while, get them shaped then just pluck the strays umtil I forget for too long and have to go back for a shape.
    Thats really my only tip cos I am Jabba the Hutt these days. Apparently going for a walk in the mornings before breakfast helps a lot.

  8. Me, too, me, too, with the weight loss thing. This is a particularly hard time of year to do so but I’m working on it. Mainly by paying attention to when I’m actually hungry. I let myself eat then but just until I’m full. I’m a snacker who likes to eat while reading. I’m also an emotion eater; happy? Let’s have cake to celebrate! Sad? Nothing a cheese pizza and ice cream won’t cure! Irritated? Calls for something fried!

    For me, it’s been having to listen to what’s really going on. And trying to be discliplined.

    Cooking Light is a great magazine, not just for the recipes, but for the healhty living information.

    Also, this is a new blog It’s a group of bloggers trying to lost weight.

  9. Eat less, move more. This doesn’t mean you have to be hungry or starve yourself, exactly the opposite. Eat frequently and consistently but smaller meals, of good choice, and you will increase you metabolism and lose weight.
    You already know all this stuff. I completely understand the battle and starving yourself doesn’t work. One thing, it is better to lose it slow. Weight shed quickly usually comes back + some.
    So sorry about your eyebrows. Sounds painful, as I know how sensitive the skin around there is. I always find neosporin really soothing and healing.
    good luck xo

  10. oh honey dont be so hard on yourself – being a little curvacious is wonderful – but i know how you feel

    i lost a bit of weight recently just by cutting out the excess crap I dont really need to eat….water, water water
    having skim milk in my coffee, making sure I dont eat carbs after midday, trying to walk everyday ( a hard one!)
    Eat protein at every meal…lean protein!!

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  12. hey!
    been awhile…i just saw a comment of yours elsewhere and wanted to see how you were…how your blogging is going: )
    i’m never short on advice:oP
    often i can give it so much better than follow it myself…;-)

    weight loss…getting there…not easy..but maybe easier than you think…i recommend keep positive no matter what ….be kind to yourself but realistic…speak to yourself in terms of what you CAN do each day…don’t dwell on past day…

    if it isn’t painful then i would suggest…jazzercise…start with low intensity..follow through…go regularly(3or more times a week)…get the heart rate up…then use the hand weights..(i started this one year ago and i have probably lost 20 pounds..better than that..i feel so much better..stronger..more agile…healthier…i think it worked for me because i enjoy going regularly and even when “life” got in the way, I was able to get back to it without too much struggle…but even so, when more than a week went by and i had gotten out of the routine, there were times that i had to “push” myself mentally to start up again and get back to where i was…

    and eat breakfast and protein filled snacks(that aren’t also filled with tons of calories or carbs)..keep very few “bad” carbs in the pantry/fridge
    don’t skip eating
    if still “hungry” after one serving portion of foods is gone…i’ve heard a glass of water and then doing some activity can get people through that time of craving…as changes in what the body expects happen…if not working…try something with fiber…an apple : ) may be better than more portions of other foods…

    check in with others or another friend who is understanding of your goal and can be encouraging…maybe sharing a similar goal and doing those good things together…like regular power walks (again have to move, move, move for 30 minutes or so at a up to this if necessary after couple weeks you will notice a difference in breathing and how easy it is for you…must make a routine of it….and if you fall out of it get back into it as able…) …

    oh, karen can do it! with the right combination of things that works for YOU….i hope you will find something that you enjoy enough to make it a routine…a habit…when it comes to exercise…for me it was the combination of having other people around me doing the same things, the dance part, and the structure (following routines and exercising for a predetermined time –1/2 hr or so of aerobic type activity to music…i like exercising to music, too…and 1/2 or so of strengthening with sit ups and small weights)…when i started i bought 3lb weights and remember thinking how that was quite a challenge for me..but i took breaks and worked at my own pace…however i worked until the class was over and kept coming back for more…and gradually i find myself months later…much stronger…things much easier…) i was lucky..i found just the right thing for ME.

    good luck…hang in there…i’m routing for you. take care…
    i’ll have to check out your blog and what you are sharing here these days!


  13. I will echo what cheeky said. There is no painless way to do it and there are no quick fixes. Eat less and move more. Once you get into a regular exercise routine, you will ADORE it. You will become hooked, mark my words. Feeling fit and healthy is the biggest rush in the world. Those endorphins kick in and make you feel fabulous. Get up early and go for a run. Increase your time and distance each time. Sweat, get your heart rate up. Or go swimming. I am a firm believeer in not being able to lose the weight unless you exercise regularly. Eating healthily helps too (definitely cut out snacks, unless it’s vaguely healthy). Try to monitor your food portion size too and try not to have second helpings. It is tough but once you’ve got a regular routine that works for you, you’ll feel on top of the world. Good luck! x

  14. KB~

    You don’t need to lose a single pound! You look cute as a button in the pics of your recent blog posts. But, I love your message of being healthy–not skinny! Beauty and women come in all different shapes and sizes and this should be embraced and celebrated! How could some one say that every type of flower is not beautiful just b/c certain people love the look of a tulip, rose, or daisy?

    …just a thought…

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