Short & Sweet No. 1

Thanks for all the words of encouragement and advice that I’ve gotten regarding the recent Code Blue post.  I will try to get around to replying to your comments as they were all very much appreciated.  Hopefully I will be able to get some of the weight off soon!

My eyebrows are better with only a bit of scarring.  Vitamin E has helped considerably.  I {{{heart}}} Vitamin E.

The yard sale went well.  We got rid of about 3/4 of our JUNK and got a nice monetary haul too.  Wahoo!  We were all very tired from it though and have still not fully caught up on our sleep.  I’m about to hit the hay and do just that.

Hope all of you had a great weekend too!


7 thoughts on “Short & Sweet No. 1

  1. Hey KB! Oh as ususl I am just catching up on a few posts all at once. I hope you got through your code blue! I am so with you in the weight thing – I just seem to have settled into a certain weight that I am far from happy with but it has been there for the last few years. Sometimes I just think maybe that is the weight I am supposed to be – mostly I know I should be doing something about it! have a wonderful week and I shall catch up with you properly via email

  2. Hooray for getting rid of stuff and getting some cash in return!

    I just read your code blue post and I was cringing for you when I read the wax thing. Eek! That is why I’ve never touched it. I need to do something, definitely! But wax skeers the life out of me! I am crossing my fingers they feel better today!

    As for the weight – I lost over 15 pounds in several months of very hard work right before I got pregnant this time. Mostly I cut out soda, overeating and snacking. And drank a lot of water…. I know it can be done because I suck at losing weight and I did it.

    Pulling for you!

  3. I love a good yard sale. I didn’t think about the good ol’ vita E. It will heal. I was recently looking for vita E but couldn’t find a pure one. They all have other junk in them. The search continues.
    Hope you are resting up.

  4. Great about the yard sale. I’ll bet it feels wonderful to have all that stuff gone. And money in your pocket is always fun!

    Ack on the eyebrows—-I’m too chicken to attempt hot wax anywhere. 🙂 And I’m with you on losing weight. I wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom and a magic pill. I think slow and steady wins the race.

    (ps…been thinking of you in the mornings when I’m doing my yoga. I’ve been more consistent lately—and I feel great as a result. Thanks for the inspiration!)

  5. Hey! So glad your sale went well, and you dejunked.
    I wax people’s brows for a living! So, perhaps the wax was either too hot or…alternatively, if you exfoliated your skin, or washed with a salicylic acid product prior to waxing, you would take tissue. Yikes! That probably hurt.
    Also if you are on Adapalene or Accutane for acne, that dries up the sebaceous glands and therefore you’re left with little to no natural sebum, which acts as a skin protectant.
    Hope it all heals well! It shouldn’t take long.

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