Blew it.

Well, I blew NaBloPoMo last night so no prizes for me, unless you all want to send me some in which case I’m completely amenable to that and will provide my address forthwith. Ha!

I’ve kind of been MIA lately and, to be honest, I love it. I’ve had so much to do while here at my sister’s! I’ve been to the mall, been visiting and getting to know my sister’s foreign exchange student from Germany, had said yard sale, went to church (wow!), went Christmas shopping, sang at the Christmas choir practice and might do it again tonight, went to a Premier jewelry party (didn’t buy anything), etc. I’ve been having such fun OFF the computer. I love it! While I do miss you all and miss visiting your blogs and such (I don’t, of course, have my blogroll here with me), I am so happy to finally have a life outside the computer. It is what I’ve been wanting for some time now.

And today, I’m going to get a nice haircut, which I’ve also not had in a LONG time. I think I’m going to get bangs. Ohhhhhhh…. ahhhhhhhh… I figure if I don’t like them, they will grow out. My hair, after all, grows really fast. So, that will be that. A new ‘do for Thanksgiving will be nice, right?

I think I’m staying here through Thanksgiving to help my sister with the food, cleaning and such. We aren’t having our big family Thanksgiving meal and celebration until Friday but we will have it here and my sister will be preparing all the food so she needs all the help she can get. Ha! It will be nice to stay here longer too.

So, that is that. That is what I’ve been up to! I’m off to get in the shower for my hair appointment now. Sorry I missed last night… will try to do better.

Hope you are all well!


11 thoughts on “Blew it.

  1. i wouldn’t worry about it! it’s all in good fun right?

    and it sounds like you’re having a blast! i could feel it in the energy of your post! have fun getting that haircut! i love getting haircuts!

  2. I am so glad that you are having a good time. If you were there and constantly online, that is when we’d be disapointed. All your activities sound quite exciting and entertaining! It’s always nice to take a break from your everyday world and experience some new scenery. Enjoy!

  3. I love this post, and it sounds like you’re having so much fun!
    Don’t think that you’ve “blown it”, the idea of NaBloPoMo is to get people posting regularly, you’re doing it! As an owner of a fringe – sorry I mean “bangs” I use and recommend them.
    PS. email me your addy, I need to post your Xmas cd 🙂

  4. Sounds like you are having a blast! I’m jealous (the good, happy jealous, not the bad energy kind!)–how cool to chat with an exchange student! : )
    Where from in Germany? If you say Bayern, I’m so totally even more jealous! (My favorite area, but that’s biased because it’s the only area I’ve been to, eek!)
    Ah, Christmas songs. People don’t seem to appreciate my attempts at singing, so I sing to myself, darn it! 🙂
    Ooh–have you had your hair cut yet?

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