Havin’ fun being all crafty…

Today has been good.

I’m back home from my sister’s now and got to sleep late after a hectic – but very fun – Thanksgiving. I then had my coffee an piddled around, one of my favorite things to do. Then I got into some crafting! I had some things to work on for a couple of swaps that I’m in. I have a few to finish up and then I’m done, meaning that I’m not going to get into any more. I’m swapped out. Although they are and have been fun, they take a lot of time and money and are a gamble for a return. So, best that I call an end to it.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things I made today for swaps to send out:


This is a piece I made called “Wordy Girl” for a Mail Art swap with the theme word TEXT. This collage piece has been made from cool salvaged papers, scrapbooking adhesive letters and a silhouette that I made from an old novel page. I sewed along the edges and through the word line and cut around the whole piece with pinking shears. I thought it looked fairly cool.


This is a button wreath door hanger that I made for one of two ornament swaps that I’m in. I got these super-cool white vintage buttons from JustPickedVintage. I added two gold bells and a gold ribbon and TA-DA! I think it is pretty darn cute.

It was fun being all creative today. Hope all of you have had a good day too!


15 thoughts on “Havin’ fun being all crafty…

  1. Look at you! Oh my gosh! That collage is the coolest thing evah! I just love that! And am using lots of exclamation points!

    Seriously, that collage is too cool. I never would have thought of anything like that basedon the word “text.” One reason I shy away from good mail swaps – I think my poor partner would be very disappointed each time.

    Thanks for sharing. Those are both just great.

    You go!

  2. I think your fellow swappers will be happy! 🙂

    Swaps are so tempting and exciting. I’ve only done a few, but I’ve fun with them. I organized a sticker swap once and that was also a lot of fun.

    I ALMOST signed up for two different swaps in the last month, but I stopped myself. I am really overwhelmed by life right now and I think adding new projects would not be good for me. If you host a swap, though, I’d be happy to help advertise it a bit! 🙂

  3. these are great!!! i love the collage piece. i love the way her silhouette is cut out of text. and the button wreath is adorable. i love the muted colors of the buttons. great work, darlin!

  4. Wow – I really love both of these! That little wreath is so clever and adorable. I have a certain sister who would like something like that – I may have to give it a try! 🙂

  5. Wow–you are so creative/talented! That collage is so COOL!!! How did you do that?! I love the silhouette–that is just so cool! I know I’m repeating myself, but I can’t help it–that’s how awe-struck I am at all the coolness you have going on in this post!!!
    : )

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