I had another creative day today, creating more things for swaps. I’m getting caught up. Hooray!





More collage… my favorite medium! These are Christmas package tags, made with vintage poker score cards – that are glittery! – and cool salvaged papers.  I’m happy with how they turned out.



This is a little naturistic holiday arrangement that I did with a couple of dried floral pods and, as you can see, some bells. I used the vintage text paper again and an adorable little vintage glass bottle. Cute!

It is definitely beginning to feel like Christmas around here! It was rainy and cold today (never snows here), I made a nice, big pot of wassail (a lovely Southern cider), and I’m currently watching Elf (I love Will Ferrell).

Don’t forget Cyber Monday tomorrow!  Lots of deals and free shipping around the Net for Christmas shopping done tomorrow.  If you are shopping online tomorrow, don’t forget to shop through your MyPoints account.  I got something on Overstock the other day and got 24,000 points for it which I can redeem later for Starbucks, Target, REI, etc. gift cards.  You can get TONS of gift cards with your points.  Neato!  I’m using the points I’ve gotten to get some MORE Christmas gifts (cards) for others.  It is a win-win.  Love it!   (If you need a referral, let me know!  It is totally free!)

It IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Shall I start to sing now…?


8 thoughts on “More.

  1. Yay for productivity and crafty time! I’ve kept the computer off and have been cleaning my workspace – not as much fun as tags though.


  2. Cool tags!!! Your creativity rocks! I wish we could get together and make stuff! Not only would we have fun, I’m sure, but I think I’d get the added bonus of learning from a great creative spirit (you!)! : )

    24,000 points?! For real?!?! How?! That’s awesome!
    Hmm, I better look at my MyPoints emails more closely!!! : )

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