Southern Belle

As I mentioned sometime ago, I’m going to be sure to post some of my craftiness, whether I post much else or not. As I also mentioned sometime ago, I got out of doing random swaps.

However, I’ve done a couple of swaps with creative, artsy people that I know, people I know to be good on their word for sending things and people I know who will uphold their end of the deal just as I will mine.

I recently did a swap with Jason of TOTEdesigns, aka. Art Box Diary, aka. KokeshiLove (Jason supplies at least 95% of my Kokeshi dolls and I love him for that.) You can also catch Jason’s blog – andnotapoundmore.

I met Jason through Etsy, through buying Kokeshi dolls from him and just conversing back-and-forth. He is so wonderfully kind and very creative. After some conversing, we agreed to do a swap: he would make me a beautiful collage pouch and I would make him a collage picture, something I can do and love to do but have not done in a while. I was more than certain of Jason’s ability to send me something beautiful but I was a bit uncertain of my ability to really uphold my end of the deal and send him something worth having. To say the least, I was nervous. (I tried to not let Jason know this.)

Jason’s collage pouches are amazing works of art. They are made from deconstructed kimonos (Jason is currently living in Japan) and he quilts / patchworks them together. They are truly amazing. Be sure and check them out here.

Here is a photo of one very similar to the one that I swapped for:


So, as you can see, I had every right to be nervous.

But, after much thought, much procrastinating, much pouring over images, much going through supplies that I had, I came up with a piece that I was fairly proud to send to him.

Jason wanted something with a Southern feel to it. I, being from the South, tried to give him just that.

I created a collage using images I have collected over the years, including abstract-design magazine pages, Tiffany paper, sushi grass, and a hand-created 3-D flower that was sewn onto the piece through a shiney red bead. This was all put together in various ways, including being sewn around the edges and in other various places to give it some variety.

Luckily, just days before I started the piece, I found the most wonderful vintage (read: old, old, old) frame at the Salvation Army. This frame was black and had a red and white polka dot mat in it. The mat was poorly put together and falling apart pretty badly as was the frame. But, it only cost 30-cents and just needed some TLC.

It got just that and totally completed the piece, I think. I don’t think the piece would have looked nearly as good without it. I wish I could find one-hundred of those frames!!!

Anyway, here is my end of the swap. I hope you – and most of all Jason – like it.






I also recently participated in a fun handmade postcard swap. I had such a blast doing those and will post my pics of them very soon. Do I feel a swap here coming up soon? šŸ˜‰

And, by all means, treat yourself and visit Jason’s blog and stores!!! You will NOT be disappointed!


17 thoughts on “Southern Belle

  1. Your collage is just amazing too. I don’t know how you carefully cut out each piece and placed them on the canvas.. Are you going to continue doing them? And the frame is a perfect match for the collage.

  2. At first glance, the matting just grabbed at my eyes. What a find to display your gorgeous art.

    Those kokeshi dolls are adorable. I may just have to have some come live at my house!

  3. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how made that – it is so fun and beautifully done! Great work!

    That little puch is adorable too! I love the fabrics!

  4. Happy New Year to you sweetie…im running behind in my posts!!
    i love that crafty goodness – the collage is gorgeous!!
    very clever gal…you should do more of these!

  5. Hi! I am new to your blog. I love this post probably because I am from the south. I am a Georgia peach living in Alabama but still consider myself from GA! I did an Autumn postcard swap and used the same expression on mine to show my pride in the south! Mine went to Germany, Amsterdam & Tasmania, Australia. I love doing postcard swaps and would love to be apart of your next one if possible. I also have a blog

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