Signed, sealed, delivered

As I mentioned, I recently participated in a fun handmade postcard swap. I had to make eight postcards with a holiday theme and send them out to the people who had been assigned to me. I got eight in return.

This was a fun swap. Not only did I get to do eight tiny pieces of art but I got to give them flight to fun places like France, Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Kansas. I had a lot of fun with this one.

These were my creations:








(The lighting on some of them is horrible… sorry.)

These were made with the typical materials that I use for collage: pinking shears, the sewing machine, lots of thread, scrapbooking letter stickers, double-stick tape, rubber stamps, ink, sharpie, gift tags, etc. And trust me… MANY magazines were harmed in the making of these cards!

If any of you are interested in some sort of similar postcard swap here, just let me know. I might be willing to pull something together. This was by far one of the most fun swaps I’ve done. I loved the things I made and had fun making them and I got some super-fab and beautiful things in return.

Don’t we all just {::: love :::} fun mail?



14 thoughts on “Signed, sealed, delivered

  1. You ARE talented–these are so cool! I esp. love the first Namaste one! Ooh, and the ornament one, too! So difficult choosing a favorite, though, really!
    I hope we get to see more art from you soon!

  2. Fun mail is the best!!! I love your cards. WHen I was a kid, and a gymnast, I used to be able to do that last yoga move and touch my feet to my head. If only I were still that rubbery. Haha! Yay for postcard swaps!!

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