From time-to-time, I come across and do business with some positively swoon-worthy stores on Etsy.

Among those…

EarthArt – A wonderfully creative and kind seller who has such a varied offering of original artworks. She is cooperative and loves to work with people (like me!) with a true interest in art.

This was my Valentine to me:


Futurowoman – Amazing with her Polaroid! Futurowoman’s Blythe photos are so wonderful and even moreso in person! I got the Amelie one and now hope to someday have her whole Blythe collection.


And for any of you wishing to make a donation to a worthy cause, feel free to contact me. My next Etsy purchase will be a swoon-worthy pair of vintage leather “pomegranate” colored French boots by Charles Jourdan. They are currently on hold for me. Aren’t they grand?


All together now…



14 thoughts on “Swoon-worthy

  1. Okay, so my eyes were drawn to one of the paintings on EarthArt’s site. Hmmm… I’ve been looking for some art to put over my fireplace and have yet to find the right look and colors until now. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but…. maybe.

    Do you have any other painting etsy sites that you look at?

  2. SWOOOOOONNNNNNNN those boots are…..grrrrrrr. Oh btw I haven’t forgotten that I need to talk to my sister about her meds. I was going to then my mum told me she had cut herself again.

  3. I HAVE similar boots- different color!!! Wahoooo! They are ‘da bomb on me!

    Every woman needs a pair of those boots… those boots make a statement!

  4. Hello, I just came upon your continual happiness blog and loved this quiz that you’ve put on it with which you’ve tried to get to know the other posters… was wondering if I could use it on my blog ‘cos it’s o-so-beautifully worded… could I please?

  5. You find the best stuff on Etsy. I love, LOVE, the art work.

    Maybe you could help me find something extra special on Etsy. I’ve been looking, but haven’t yet found IT. I have some time though.

    My sister is graduating in December and after that she will move away from here to parts unknown (at this time). I am already on the hunt for something special to give her. She is an actress, her major is drama. So, I have been looking for something, jewlery mostly, that has a sort of theatrical feel to it but is still simple enough to wear on a daily basis.

    Maybe that is too vague. lol. I just want something special, unique. Somethng she will cherish forever and think of me when she wears it…no matter where she is.

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