The gift of true friendship.

Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend. ~Plautus


You know you have a true friend when, sitting in a nice restaurant, you start to feel a bit odd and exclaim that you might be about to have a seizure, she says, “That’s okay honey, just tell me what to do.”

And so Tracy is to me.

Tracy and I met at Ole Miss back in the day. (I don’t know the year; she remembers things like that, not me.) We didn’t bond right away but bound tight when we did. Our days at Ole Miss were a LOT of fun and filled with “what happened at Ole Miss stays in Ole Miss” stories. We remember them fondly.

Few of the friendships either of us had back then have survived past college but we have made it, through thick and thin and we have had our share of thick and thin! I was honored to be at her wedding, the births of both of her children (well, in the next room) and many birthday parties and other occasions. I’ve not reached those milestones yet (I’m a late-bloomer) but when I do, she will be right beside me, no doubt. She has helped with all of my moves and is a phone call away whenever I need her. She has never given up on me which is a feat in itself.

The best thing about Tracy is that, unlike SO many other people, she doesn’t want to or try to change me. She loves me and is patient with me just the way I am. If I want to change, she supports me with all of her heart but if I don’t want to change? That is fine by her too.

Everyone needs another person in whom they can be totally and completely comfortable, who they can trust to tell anything and know that it will never ever be told again and who will love them despite whatever it is. I may not ever find that in a romantic relationship, that one soulmate of a person, but I have it in Tracy. And, come what may in my life, that is good enough for me.

Love you, Tra.

14 thoughts on “The gift of true friendship.

  1. You are both so beautiful. And while it’s physical, you can tell it doesn’t stop there. Both of your smiles and eyes have true kindness and love in them. I am so glad you’ve found the treasure of eachother!

  2. nothing’s better than love (and friendship). great tribute to your friend and beautiful picture of the two of you. it brings a smile to my face for the day to read this post. thanks !

  3. Aw, that’s awesome. It sounds like she’s as lucky to have you as you are to have her. I’m a little envious (but in a totally good way). 🙂

  4. What a beautiful tribute and a beautiful photo, as well! (EEK–I just realized I’m pretty much quoting the other commenters; sorry for that, but it’s true!)
    She’s quite lucky to have you as her friend–that I know for sure! You are truly a gem–your friendship has made my life all the richer!
    One more thing–cute hair! Did you just come from a hair salon when you had that pic taken? You always have such good photos, you twerp! 🙂

  5. I loved reading this. I “get” it—I have a kindred spirit friend too. I think friendships like this get richer and deeper over the years as we realize just what we have in each other. You’re both glowing in the picture!

  6. Lucky you to have such a good friend! It seems to be getting harder to find that sort of friend these days, everyone seems to be all about looking out for themselves.

  7. “True friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value.”

    sounds like you are pretty lucky to have such a friend. makes me want to call up my tracy and thank her. 🙂

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