Happy World Yoga Day!

The Super Bowl is on as I type.  I think the Giants are ahead.  Wahoo!  I’ve watched a bit, yelped a few “hoorahs!”, asked a few questions, and asked more than several times why they couldn’t have gotten someone better than Tom Petty to play half-time but I can really only take so much of a fairly brutal game that I don’t comprehend.  So, I’m back upstairs in my little sanctuary, with my cat and my computer, waiting for Jane Austen Regrets to begin on PBS.  That is more my style of pleasurable TV viewing.

In addition to this being Super Bowl Sunday, it is also World Yoga Day.   I’m announcing it very late but it is definitely still worth a mention anyway.  WYD is a day and time to donate our thoughts and energy to human rights issues around the world.

It has been awhile since I’ve really posted anything about yoga so, with the mention of WYD, now would be a perfect time.  I’ve not been on the mat much lately at all and my body – especially my shoulders – and my mind and my spirit all feel it keenly.  I plan to find myself on the mat again in the morning and plan to use the WoYoPracMo challenge to help me a bit in February.   Sarah first told me about this and, upon mentioning it to me again today, I checked it out and realized that it might really help me to get back to it.   This month’s theme is “Deepening YOUR Practice” and can really take on whatever meaning or interpretation you need or want it to take.  This is a cool challenge to be a part of as you can meet great people who are also interested in enhancing their yoga practices by creating your own page to keep track of your progress and to encourage one another.  If you need yoga motivation, check it out.  Thanks, Sarah!

In other exciting news, I’m one sale away from Sale No. 200 over at my Etsy store.  Not a huge milestone but an exciting one anyway.  Hopefully I will hit it soon… fingers crossed!

I hate it when I ramble all willy-nilly and don’t have a tidy ending for a post.  But, it seems that I’ve found myself in just that place tonight.  So, I will leave it here and wish you all a happy week.



9 thoughts on “Happy World Yoga Day!

  1. Thanks for sharing this link to WoYoPracMo! I have been still practicing at least 3 times a week but I really need to focus on perfecting some of the poses and deepening my ability to stretch. So this is perfect timing!

    Congratulations on Etsy! Much success in the future!

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