Short & sweet…

My good friend and constant source of support and inspiration Rebecca directed me to a very cool site today. The site is called Zen Habits and is actually a blog that you can subscribe to. Very cool, very information and VERY inspirational. Check it out! So many wonderful articles there to read!In still other news, The Artist’s Way group will begin in just a short while – on Valentine’s Day. We are still welcoming people to join us so hop on over and check it out. We would love to have you participate in the journey with us.

Seems like there was something else I was going to mention but I can’t remember what. Oh well…

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
The Queen, Alice in Wonderland

7 thoughts on “Short & sweet…

  1. How awesome–I have been looking for that site as I had visited it not that long ago, but lost it and couldn’t remember what it was called, and you wrote about it!!! YAY!
    This is so freakin’ awesome!!! : )

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