The goings-on in KB-land.

We kicked off The Artist’s Way program on Sunday and it is already turning into a big success. We have such great participation on the first post and a lot of good discussion. I’m really geeked up about the cool group of people who have signed on to participate in this program with us. I can already tell that we are going to get such good from it, whether we love our daily morning pages or not. Ha!

After seeing Oprah the other day, I decided to revisit my vision board and see what I could change on it. Let it be known that I’m not a huge Oprah fan but I do like to tune in when she features anything about The Secret. I’ve read TS and watched the DVD and really think that the Law of Attraction is powerful. Not only that but I’ve seen it work in my life (only in small ways so far) and in the lives of close friends (in big ways for some) so I have proof that it can work.

At any rate, after seeing the show, I was pretty motivated to drag out my vision board and see what I might be able to do to make it work better for me. I saw right off the bat that my old VB wasn’t very specific at all. I had many generalized things on it, things that I wasn’t even sure what I meant by, things I knew weren’t clear enough at all. So, I set about to specify it, to really clean it up, hone it down and get specific with some things I wanted. I went from a great big one to a pretty petite one. I’m much happier and have more confidence in the new one.

This was the old one:


This is the new one:


I’ve also been looking over my 101/1001 list again after having neglected it for a long time (too long) and have realized that some of the items on it aren’t things that I’m dedicated to long-term. Unlike my first vision board, some of the things I put on my 101/1001 list were too specific. I need to tweak it a bit, I think. So, I’m going to work on that this week. I will post the new list up here when I get it done. It won’t be a complete overhaul but it will be a bit more doable, something I can dedicate to and actually complete. Any item suggestions? For a really cool list, check out my friend Pogo Yoga’s list. She has just posted hers and has some great items planned! Go Pogo Yoga!

That’s what’s going on in my world. What’s going on in yours?


17 thoughts on “The goings-on in KB-land.

  1. I think your new vision board shows a humongous change in your current state of mind, thoughts, focus, and abilities. I love the more specific goals, so easy to see and focus on, not cluttered or distracted!

    Congrats on the artist’s way success! I read some of the posts, I am def curious in it all but no time to full on commit ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Wow–I love your new Vision Board! It looks more specific, focused AND so pretty, too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pogo Yoga’s list is nifty (I was too shy to leave a comment), and I love her photo up top, and her tag-line “down is just another chance to bounce up!”!!! Love that!
    Lovely post; you never cease to inspire me dear friend!

  3. Your vision board is truly inspiring! I have never seen anything like that, and I love the idea! It is a beautiful piece of artwork, but what it symbolizes is even more beautiful! Love it!

  4. Great job Karen Beth. I need to re-do mine and you have inspired me to do so. I think it is worthy of an afternoon of soul searching time! I just need to find that time.
    Here’s to dreams coming true!

  5. hey, zaz! remember me? (it’s okay if you don’t.)

    i always loved it here and haven’t been here in a while, but i’m going to spend a lot of time poring over your archives, i think. i love your vision board…i’m going to really enjoy the links you posted….i’m glad to be reading you again.


    i hope, in general, that things are wonderful for you.

  6. You have been a very busy girl! The board is great! Has it helped you to center your thoughts around your goals? I have been wanting to create one for myself. I once made a collage of personal goals and I loved doing that but after creating it I never used it. I have an empty canvas in my closet maybe I’ll put it to use. You’re always an inspiration Chicky-Boo!

  7. i always find it amazing how my vision boards change from year to year.

    i am feeling a bit remiss as i haven’t contributed anything to the artist’s way blog, though i have been working my way through it. week four was really hard for me – not being able to read anything… i’m still catching up on everything that’s going on in blog-land.

    essential oil on it’s way to you soon, i promise!

  8. I’m posting a comment pretty late. I like your new vision board. This is a good idea and it inspires me to focus my own vision board.

    I have the ball chair from Gaiam, by the way, and love it! I use it here at my computer.

    I suppose you already know that you can subscribe to Hip Tranquil Chick podcasts on itunes and they recently began videos on youtube. I’m developing my own yoga practice this year…along with many other things.

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