How to be more interesting…

Need some tips on how to be more interesting?  Lost your edge?  Just need to lift your game a bit?  This list comes straight from my new friend over at Paint Floats.  Cool blog… cool list too.  The list, I think, came from the Etsy forums.

Which of these suggestions will you use?  What are some that you would add?

  • be secretive
  • get a hobby…even if it is collecting erasers
  • wear an eyecatching hat
  • throw your tv away
  • wear your hair really big
  • say goodbye in different languages
  • read
  • dress mysteriously
  • wear a cape
  • learn magic tricks
  • get a weird tattoo or piercing
  • say “good morning all” day long
  • wear one color only. (bonus if it’s not black.)
  • learn to tap dance
  • be passionate about something
  • wear funny pants… every day
  • read books about the economy
  • travel
  • wear clown shoes
  • become a good cook
  • wear mismatched plaid pants and shirt
  • sing in another language while at the Post Office
  • call everyone “Cap’n”
  • carry bacon in your pocket
  • be a good listener
  • try new foods
  • do random mime things on the street
  • sell everything you own and move to another country…a faraway one
  • carry around a frog
  • sit down cross-legged in the elevator
  • learn sign language
  • teach your dog to talk
  • pull your underwear up to your chest
  • get a pet monkey
  • carry a sock puppet with you wherever you go and speak entirely through it
  • wear a fake mustache
  • dye your hair pink
  • learn to play the banjo
  • drive a car painted like a holstein cow
  • wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes
  • finish every sentence with the phrase “the end”
  • sing everything you say
  • carry a puppy, people will flock to you
  • find a new and bizarre word every day to add to your vocabulary
  • exaggerate
  • mutter to yourself then laugh
  • skip everywhere
  • wear a top hat
  • tell everyone you are working on a novel (and have it be true)
  • wear a t-shirt with a picture of yourself
  • buy lots of art
  • wear glittery pants

Okay, be creative… What are your suggestions for how to be more interesting?  Let’s hear ’em!


21 thoughts on “How to be more interesting…

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  2. OOH! I do or have done several of these! I have dyed my hair pink, I end sentences with the end, I wear uniques hats, I add new and bizarre words to my vocabulary daily….

    Gosh, Karen Beth, don’t you find me interesting? 😉

  3. What a great list! I like to wear pretty under garments and take myself out to dinner once in a while. It’s a great feeling to get sexy for yourself instead of someone else! Well, your post was aligned with my day’s creative mission…I FINALLY made a vision board! Yay! I posted it on my blog 🙂



  4. well…lets see, i do say goodbye (and hello) in different languages and like mixing them together…i too died my hair pink (gosh that was a long time ago), i’m writing a book, i know the sign-language alphabet and spell words to myself when i’m bored (like waiting at a doctors office)…i can’t get into a bed unless it’s made first…maybe that’s weird? anyway…yay…good list! xoxozazazu and merci beaucoup, ciao! *m

  5. Some of those ideas should be on a different list: How to be more annoying 🙂

    I think people are more interesting if they listen well and ask good questions.

  6. I love this list! I have def done the novel one, the novel in my head.

    the most interesting person I know has a strange ability to remember random facts about anything, so when he sees you drinking oj for example, he will proceed to tell you something random about, like the year it was invented. no matter what I am doing he has some factoid. I like it.

  7. What a wonderful list! Wish you were here closer to me to watch back to back BBC movies….have been thinking of you…I think you are very interesting though….xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!

  8. this is such a GREAT list. i can’t think of anything else, though your list has given me some brilliant ideas.

    i can say i sold [most] everything i owned and moved to another country really far away – London, UK is definitely far from New Zealand. Everything we have with us fits into our two backpacks and the stuff we left at home is small enough to fit in the smallest storage locker available (with room to spare). Not sure if it actually makes me interesting or slightly crazy!


  9. How about pretending your life is a movie — no one has to know but you! Imagine the camera moving in for a close-up… or the music the director will choose for the soundtrack. When I was a kid, whenever it was foggy outside, I would pretend I was a heroine in a film set in the English countryside. Very dramatic.

    My favorite on your list? Skipping everywhere. Not that I have the courage to actually do it…

  10. what a fun list. i totally had a dream last night that someone was wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes. reading the list just made me thnk of that!

    not sure i have anything to add to the list. but i sure do some of them!

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