TAW: Week 3 Tasks

As many of you know, I’ve been working through The Artist’s Way with a group of wonderful and creative people.  The blog we set up is here.  In an effort to get more out of the exercises at the end of the chapters and because I really admire how this particular participant does hers so thoroughly and freely, I thought I would follow suit and post (some of) mine here.  JC doesn’t stipulate that you do all of the exercises, just most of them.

Week Three

Describe five traits I liked in myself as a child…
I loved my imagination, my hope and faith in the future, my dramatic flair, my trust, and – above all – my unwavering confidence in myself and who I was.

List five childhood accomplishments…
1.  Drawing an impeccable picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse for my Dad
2.  Singing “Friends are Friends Forever” in the talent show as a duet and being told I should have done a solo because I was so good
3.  Being editor of my high school yearbook and it turning out so great!  It was such hard work but SO worth it… such a great accomplishment!
4.  Being in Advanced Placement English, on three years of yearbook (one year as editor) and on the county-wide newspaper team
5.  Having great hair all through high school

Bad habits – time killers & creative drainers…
1.  Procrastinating – simply NOT doing stuff that I need to do.
2.  Spending too much time online – I do a lot of things that I need and want to do online but they are things that I’ve created to do that don’t really serve much purpose toward my ultimate life goals.
3.  Worrying.  Stressing.  Pacing.  Letting anxiety literally overcome me.
4.  Not exercising.  At all.
5.  Not eating healthfully or drinking enough water or taking vitamins.
6.  Not having a healthy network of friends around me in real life.
7.  Not getting out of the house enough.
{I need to stop here or I will have *certain people* after me for sure.}

Make a list of three friends who nurture you and their traits that serve you well:
1.  Tracy – always supportive, no matter what, will always back me up and go with the decisions that I make.
2.  Rebecca – tells it like it is, a resource that I couldn’t do without in my life… is also the friend who is always up for a challenge with me.
3.  Kirsty – keeps me in line about getting back out in life and keeps the principles of The Secret in the forefront of my mind… very proactive and positive… she is like my little inspirational army.

Five people I admire and the traits they possess…
1.  Mom for her desire to help others.
2.  Dad for his inherent wisdom and way of knowing how to handle things.
3.  John Martin for being so good that all that he is good at and being so interested in all that he is interested in.
4.  Jason for taking care of himself.
5.  Laura for being as active in life as she is.

List five people I wish I had met who are dead or who I’d like to hang out with in in the afterlife and their traits…
1.  My maternal grandmother-I just wish I had known her… I have a feeling that I’m a lot like her and that we would have loved each other a lot.
2.  Anne Boleyn – To see really what she was like, what she looked like and to find out where her spirit, determination and courage came from.
3.  Jane Austen – To witness her imagination, intellect and wonder firsthand.
4.  Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette – Just to see how someone lives a life truly on their own terms.
5.  Queen Elizabeth I of England – Arguably, the most powerful monarch in history.  I’m fascinated with British royal history and this is where it begins… such a powerful historical bachelorette.   So much to learn…

Finally… what do these lists tell me about what traits I admire?  What of these traits could I incorporate into my own life?

Something to think about…


9 thoughts on “TAW: Week 3 Tasks

  1. Wow, what a thought invoking exercise. I seriously think I will try it myself. I don’t think we stop often enough to really think about things like this. Things that inspire us to be better people if we did think about them more… Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Oh that Friends are Friends Forever song takes me waaay back to my school days too. Thanks for posting this! The Artist’s Way group sounds interesting. I have heard so many positive things about this book!!

  3. KB —This study sounds amazing. I’m keeping it in the back of my mind for a later date when I have more time to devote to it. Loved reading your lists!

  4. This is incredible. I have to agree with your other commentee, Carrie, and may have to try this exercise again. If you are ever looking for some creative folks to join in on things like this, let me know. It would be super cool if we met in person one day.

  5. I am jealous that you had good hair. I was always fighting the frizz in school and it made me very self-conscious ALL the time!!! Hope you are well. I am finally better from the flu!

  6. Yay… week four is over so I can catch up on everyone’s blogs! Thanks for the compliment! I have to say I’m jealous of the good hair thing, too. I’ve never liked my hair — it’s straight, baby fine, doesn’t like to hold curl, and full of static all winter long. I grow it out, remember why I don’t wear it long, get it all chopped off, and then wish it was long again. You did great with this — it’s fun to see what other people do with the tasks.

  7. I love that you’re doing this! I take that book ever so often and re-read, sometimes doing the exercises, sometimes not. Each time I do, though, I wonder why it’s not the life I’m leading all the time! So yea you – I enjoy “reading” TAW vicariously through you.

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