No rhyme… no reason…

Once again, I feel like there is much I want to write and yet, I can’t write it or I can’t remember it all to write it down. I fear that it is a jumbled mess up there, in my brain. Things go up there and rarely come down.

Luckily, I have some wonderful friends who talk to me and discuss things with me and generally give me wonderful insight. Some of that insight comes in the form of carefully chosen quotations like the one that Melissa gave me this week:

Do not let your fears choose your destiny. {Author Unknown}

Mmmmmm… savor that one for awhile. Yummy.

Another delightful thing to savor is the free bracelet being offered by my friend digitalteacup on Etsy. Okay folks… not many things in this world are free anymore but this really is! It is truly FREE! Just send her your address and she will send you this adorable crocheted bracelet. FREE! How much more uber-cool could you get than that?

A woman especially if she has the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can. {Jane Austen}

Last weekend, I watched Becoming Jane with Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy (No. 60). I’ve been excited to see this movie since I heard the title of it, since it even hit theaters. I love Jane Austen, everything about her and the very concept of her life. I devour it, dream about it, and think everything to do with it – even the dank houses and unfortunate fashions – are just so magical and romantic.

But… the movie leaves something to be desired.

Anne Hathaway made a surprisingly decent Jane. I don’t think there is any actress out there who could really do Jane Austen any justice at all. Honestly, I don’t even think that Jane could play Jane. But, Anne holds her own. James McAvoy is cute and his accent is dreamy but he oozes cocky, even more than his character called for. The supporting roles did VERY little more than just that.

The storyline was forgettable, quite literally. I’m sitting here exactly one week later and can only remember the high points to write this review. I remember none of the nuances that should have captured my attention enough to recall. I remember the ending (which I shall not giveaway) and that is about all. I can’t say much for a movie when I’m disappointed in an ending that I’m glad to see come about.

See it once and judge for yourself. You might like it. Anything regarding Jane is worth a see.

The remarkable thing about Jane Austen is that her work, her life and her person continue to be ‘done’ over and over and over and over and over and many renditions are not very good at all. In fact, more are bad than are good. And yet, she stands her own. Her work, her life and her person speak for themselves, through the bad re-makes that are yielded hundreds of years after her death. Everyone wants a stab at her, everyone wants a piece of her, everyone wants to try their hand at doing their version of Miss Austen.

But, only Miss Austen is Miss Austen. And, so she lives by her pen. Her ultimate goal in life, her dream… to live by her pen. If only she knew how very well she is doing it.

What is right to be done cannot be done too soon. {Jane Austen}


9 thoughts on “No rhyme… no reason…

  1. I’m probably a big disappoint, but I was getting lost in P&P. I went and rented the new P&P movie. I watched it this afternoon and was able to understand a bit about what is going on in the book.

    I think I’m personally someone who likes watching the movie first and then reading the book–especially if it happens in another period of time.


  2. KB..I just saw Becoming Jane also. I found it very “educational”—that sounds weird, I know—because I really didn’t know much about Jane Austen the person. I thought there were little nuggets of goodness in the movie, and I liked the ending. I didn’t get to watch it start to finish because of some loud and annoying little people :), so I wonder if I missed some of the “flow” of the movie.

  3. I thought Becoming Jane was very disappointing. I HATED the ending. She didn’t even believe in this man she supposedly loved so much? (Guess he showed her – becoing Chief Justice and all!) Anyway, I watched just for James McAvoy. Charming, intense, blue-eyed as ever. The writing was mediocre at best.

  4. I have no TV, so I chose to see the movie one day when I had nothing else to do. Though, from what I read on the Internet, the story is mostly fiction. James McAvoy remembered me of one of my boyfriends – I had to laugh at this thought in the middle of the movie. The same passion, the same look… I liked the movie, escaping everyday life for about two hours felt good. The same was with the book, it just lasted a bit longer. πŸ™‚

  5. I was looking forward to this movie. Sorry to hear it leaves a bit to be desired. 😦 But seriously, I guess one really can’t expect a replica to be that amazing when the original is so beautiful.

    Glad to hear that Anne did a good job. I really like her!

  6. I love quotes as well. Funny how just a small sentence filled with a few words can sum up something so much larger. That is a great quote and I am adding it to my favorites.

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