Oh Henry, my Henry…

Woe to me.

Woe to me that I do not have Showtime.

You see, Showtime is the only channel that will air Season Two of The Tudors, only my FAVORITE show on television. Yes, catch your breath here, it actually trumps Grey’s Anatomy and House. Truly shocking, I know.

The Tudors, the show and cast that holds my heart, is based on the reign of King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) and his court. As you may all know or suspect, I just adore everything about this era in history. Yes, it was brutal and barbaric in many respects but still, tons of drama, romance, mystery, passion, darkness, everything you could want in a good show. Or so I think.

This show is disgustingly inaccurate, historically speaking.  There are so many discrepancies in it that it is just sighable.  But, the show is guilty pleasure all the same.  It is like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or using up all the hot water or calling in an hour late to work.  It is just pure,  greedy, guilty goodness.   But, of course, you have to like this type of storyline – historic fiction – to really get into it.  It isn’t, I realize, for everyone.  But it is for me!

The hunky guys that abound it in, ladies, probably will be sure to please, whether you like the genre or not.  I’m sure that ALL of the men back in this era really looked like this.

(Yeah, right.)


For several weeks, Channel 101 was playing Season 1 here on my network. I loved it and watched it whenever I could.

I should have known that wouldn’t last. Sadly, it didn’t. It is over now and I’m reduced to watching Priscilla Presley degrade her de-throned-Queen-of-Pop-self on Dancing with the Stars. I mean… what is she thinking?

Le sigh…

How I long for The Tudors and my Henry… those eye, that brawn, the way he spits when he yells at peons, subordinates, mistresses and the way he say, “I AM THE KING OF ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ah yes.

What I REALLY love is the way that Anne keeps walking when he says that, like he couldn’t (and doesn’t) have her pretty little head in a heartbeat. Silly, silly girl.


But, it will be a long while yet before I get to see Season Two. If you have Showtime, enjoy a bit of it for me.

Just don’t tell me what happens. Or how wonderfully regal and splendid my Henry looks.


15 thoughts on “Oh Henry, my Henry…

  1. Sounds good! Right now my guilty pleasure is watching all the episodes of Felicity (getting them from the library) It’s really good! i’ll be so sad when I’m through them all:(

  2. I thought this show looked intriguing-and now I’m bummed…I don’t have Showtime either. And I used up all my leverage getting my husband to let me get HBO so I could watch Entourage- lol!

  3. I actually *have* showtime and I am probably committing the ultimate TV sin by not watching this. And it’s not that I don’t want to…no, even when the trailers come on and show their dramatic and colorful snippets, I long for it. I totally long for it.

    I love the costumes, the romance, the stories of that era (and yes, I totally recognize the brutality and craziness…my sensitive little soul could not let pass without mentioning it). However, I still want to watch it. The problem is, I simply cannot add more tv to our lives right now. And also, this is the PERFECT show to save for those “dry” TV months when you can rent this stuff at Blockbuster and watch 3 episodes in a row So, I will find the Tudors…but probably not until summer!


  4. Oh I HATE when they change the channel its on the second season, thats mean. I never watched it, I really am going to have to rent it.

  5. I’ve never seen the show, but oh how I love using all the hot water (bad environmentalist!) and calling in an hour late to work, so it must be good. I’m convinced.

  6. You always catch me up on things that I’ve never heard of. Boy, am I out of the loop!

    And, if I had to pick a show that I thought you would fall in love with, this would so be it. So KB.

  7. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Mr. Rhys-Meyers. He always seems like a pouty brat to me. I do however LOVE Jeremy Northam. (Am I showing my age here?)
    I might have to check this show out – I am a huge sucker for historical fiction.

  8. OHHHHHH… don’t you hate it when you find a good show and then loose it again??

    We had to drop our cable… *sigh* No more Spike… no more nightly Grissom fixes… only ONE CSI Las Vegas per week.

    *dramatic sigh*

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