dream a little dream.

There was an earthquake in Illinois in the wee hours of the morning on Friday. I, snug in my bed in Mississippi, was awakened by a dream of an earthquake in the wee hours of the morning on Friday. Upon waking, I felt a shimmer of something, enough to make me grab the head-railing of my bed. It wasn’t anything enough to jolt me out of the bed but it was plenty to make me recall my dream and make me remark to myself that it was odd to get an earthquake in this part of the country.

Only on Friday evening did I learn that there actually HAD been an earthquake.

Dream Tree by BrowingtonForest

Dreams are powerful, there is no doubt. But, what about the dreams we have when we aren’t sleeping? Those things we long to fill our lives with, the things that keep our spirits up and our engines running?

I’ve come across many things lately that have caused me to ponder this and many things have happened in my life lately that have lead me to think about it as well.

Emily, at Remember Me, has recently had a wonderful post about Dreams. She so wisely says:

Funny thing, dreams…..they often get misplaced or abandoned due to the daily routine of our busy lives. Seems like there is always a chore to do, an errand to run, or a crisis to “handle” instead. We seem to have forgotten what it was we dreamed of doing when we were younger. So many of us take the first job that is offered to us or the job that makes the most money just to be able to “live”. Thus, our career path is set and we end up doing the thing we HATE the most! If you are unhappy, unfulfilled, even miserable ~ it’s time you dusted off your DREAMS!!!!!

She goes on to list a step-by-step guide for uncovering your long-lost dreams.

But, what for those of us who have never really settled on a dream in the first place and, if they did, they certainly don’t remember what it was? What about those of us who dream of some arbitrary creative life but, most specifically, know specifically what they DON’T want? And what for those of us who really have no idea how to live in the direction of our dreams, whatever those may be?

I have a feeling that I’m speaking for many here when I say that I have an interest in so many things but I really don’t know which of them to make my actual *dream*. I want to do it all! Choosing is hard! And, then of course, I know the theory that life is to be lived working a job, even if I hate it, for snippets of “life”, whenever those snippets may come, dreams come what may.

The Dreaming Tree by MyVeiledEgo

I can’t say that I’m comfortable with this last scenario. I may not know exactly what my dreams are but I know that I have them. I know myself too well to think that there are none in there somewhere! My heart tells me that life really is about discovering those dreams and then living to bring them to life and then, when you do, starting the cycle all over again.

But, are dreams in the future or should dreams be in the present? To clarify… should you do what you hate with the hopes of it being temporary and the hopes of it bringing your dreams to fruition in the future at some point? Or… should you always strive to find something in the present to fulfill you that will contribute toward the greater good of your spirit?

Dreams, as you can probably tell, are powerful and very confusing things to me. I’m a “Jane of all dreams… master of none.” But hopefully, with it at the forefront of my mind as much as it obviously is, I’m working on that.

If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer …
If you are a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!

~Shel Silverstein


7 thoughts on “dream a little dream.

  1. Hmmmmm….

    I love this beautiful post.

    My favourite are daydreams. I love those moments throughout the day when you get lost in some distant happy memory, or when you are conjuring up an idea that you would like to see come true…one day. Doesn’t all real-life magic begin with a daydream?

  2. I also love this beautiful post. Oh such difficult questions! I have asked myself many of the same things through the years. I don’t know. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in fate. I believe I am exactly where I am suppose to be, even if I don’t always like where it is, because it leads to other things and places, usually better.

  3. Have you ever considered that your waking life is your dream to your sleeping self? If you were to view your waking “dream” in your sleep state, what would it tell you? Are you letting it blossom or do you keep it tucked away?

  4. love the new look, so clean and elegant! I also believe we are where we are supposed to be, or rather, we are aware of the reality we are aware of for a reason, perhaps that we have the most to learn from that particular reality. but you can shape it as you wish. not helpful at all.sorry.

  5. That’s so strange-scary that you dreamed of a quake! Are you turning psychic on us??? If you happen to dream of a series of numbers, let me know! πŸ™‚
    Your post is very thought-provoking–I’ll have to sleep on it (no pun intended)! This is so very strange, as I’ve been thinking about this, too, or, at least along similar lines of thought. This really hit a note with me:
    “…should you do what you hate with the hopes of it being temporary and the hopes of it bringing your dreams to fruition in the future at some point? Or… should you always strive to find something in the present to fulfill you that will contribute toward the greater good of your spirit?”
    My thoughts exactly! Is it a matter of finding balance, or is it a matter of taking a risk and following what your heart is saying, which might go against the status quo… and that being getting a job that is just a bill-payer, and hoping to not have the life drained out of you from said job, in order to pursue interests when you have the time. At least, that’s what has been running through my mind lately.
    I’ll have to write you separately, or else this will end up being a short novel rather than a comment! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for a lovely read, dear friend!

  6. there’s a book out there (maybe by barbara sher) that is called “refuse to choose” (or something like that) which is about your predicament, which isn’t really a predicament. it’s good to have lots of loves. i’d say journal and collage about your dreams and see what comes up!

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