One change.


I’m an Earth-lover, a tree-hugger, I want to be green! I try to recycle and pay attention to where my waste goes, what goes into my body and onto my skin. I like to think that I’m eco-conscious but I don’t even scratch the surface. Nowhere near it.

But, even the smallest things count so I’m challenging all of you to one small thing and this is it:

Cut out plastic bags from your shopping trips.

What? Yes, you read correctly.

Taking your own bags to the store with you is so easy and really makes a big impact. And you look SO cool doing it! I was shopping just the other day and saw the chic-est girl toting her groceries out in the chic-est jumbo canvas totes. Oh la la. Loved it.

So, do you accept my challenge then? If you aren’t yet convinced, check out these wonderful eco-friendly market totes available on Etsy.

by Fuzzyandwarm – $5.00

By Jenhintz – $14.00 for two

By EveryLittleCounts – $15.00

By everythingok – $18.00
:: Bag reads practice mindful consumerism ::

By MelissaVest – $24.00
:: This seller has tons of designs for her totes, even customizable ones! She is also offering 15% off for Earth Day and makes donations from her proceeds to environmental charities. ::

By LazyTCrochet – $24.00

And for those bulk items that you normally get the flimsy plastic baggies for? You know… the rice, beans, fruit, nuts, etc.? No worries… the Kootsac is here! It’s nylon, totally washable and reusable!

By Kootsac – $4.00

So, I have a feeling that some of you are very eco-friendly – much moreso than me – and have your own eco-chic, reusable bags already, right? Well, for you or for those of you eager to take on more than one Earth Day challenge, here are some more things you can do to help make our planet healthier:

  • Find out whatever you can about the recycling facilities in your area and use them to the maximum! Whatever you can recycle – whether at the facilities in your area or within your home – DO IT! (Remember, buying and wearing / using vintage is recycling too!)
  • Shop at a farmer’s market or farm stand. For that matter, shop locally whenever you can. Support handmade, independent, local or nearby families and artisans.
  • Plant something. Anything. Okay wait…not ANYTHING.
  • Buy recycled and recyclable items – help make a market for it!
  • Reuse water when you can to water your plants. Catch rainwater in containers outside or save the water that you boil vegetables in to water your plants with. It is far better than running water from the hose and probably has more nutrients for the plants too.
  • Shop at home before you buy. Have a gift to buy for someone? Look around your house at what you might could MAKE for them instead. Not only does this help the environment but it fosters creativity and is fun too.
  • For things you use often, buy in bulk. For other things, consider buying “investment pieces”. Quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb and helps you to buy fewer things.
  • When possible, ride a bike or walk.
  • Make the switch to compact florescent light bulbs. But seriously, remember to turn the lights off whenever you are out of a room.

There are TONS of good tips out there that you could put into practicing starting NOW. These are just a few. And always be thinking about what you will do next, what change you will tackle next to help the environment. A ban on plastic today, buying in bulk tomorrow, composting after that? Who knows? By next year, you might be driving an electric car!

Only when the last tree is cut
Only when the last river is polluted
Only when the last fish is caught
Only then will they realize that you cannot eat money.
~ Cree Indian Proverb


15 thoughts on “One change.

  1. Happy Earth Day!!!
    I LOVE this post and esp. love the tree-hugger photo! I’m also loving the cloth bags you’ve featured, although it’s not good for my cloth-bag addiction (one of the few things I collect, so it’s not really an addiction, is it???)…. Must not click, must save money…. 🙂
    “Plant something. Anything. Okay wait…not ANYTHING.” You crack me up! 🙂

  2. I love that top photo…I am such a tree hugger too. In a literal sense as well…have you ever truly hugged a tree? It is a wonderful experience. You can feel its strong, peaceful energy. Do I sound like a hippie?

    Love your list…I’ve already got my reusable bags but I’m always trying to find new ways to be more green.

  3. I made my own bag from a pillowcase from goodwill. I keep it in my purse because I have a ton of totes, but never seem to get them to the store with me. My town is really late to catching on to this concept as the checkers and baggers give me exasperated looks. Especially when I ask for my .03 discount.

    Happy Earth Day.

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  5. Nice post! This is such an important thing in our world today. I haven’t switched off the plastic bags yet, but I do recycle as much as I can. I also just started buying “green” cleaning products.

  6. Happy belated earth day to you too! I meant to write an ‘earthy’ post, but couldn’t find the time that day. You wrote a perfect one though!

    I consider myself moderately green, however I am always striving to become more so. I use cloth bags about 25% of the time (when I remember) and always recycle my plastics. I adore cloth bags – they are just so perfect for such a wide variety of things!

    We live in town so I try to walk anywhere that I can. It is sometimes a challenge with the kids and preganancy, but I still keep striving to do so. I’d say more than 50% of my trips to the store are now via my feet on the sidewalks, not the gas pedal.

    There are just so many simple things you can change that don’t take a ton of effort and being green is actually quite good for your health, ironic as it is (be nice to the earth = be nice to yourself).

  7. I’m onboard with being more green.
    It’s really about making it a habit.
    I know I could do so much more and so I am always trying to be aware. We take too much for granted and we can’t do that anymore.

    I say *YES* to getting rid of plastic bags forever. It’s a hot topic here and one that is in serious discussion. I find it much more common and habit here to use our own totes because they make them available, although there still is a big use of the plastic and I avoid it as much as possible. If they weren’t available I would be fine.

    All of those suggestions you listed are good ones and ones we can all practice if we just take the time to enforce it as habit.

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