The persuasion of television.

One thirty-some-odd-second Betty Crocker commercial whilst I sat watching HGTV led to this…

Weak… so very weak.


Perhaps I worked it all off, however, by all the listing of uber-cool things I did over at my Etsy store. I’m specifically excited about this listing… check it out!


13 thoughts on “The persuasion of television.

  1. yummy!! Can I come over for some chocolate yumminess?? Hey..I just bought somethign from your etsy shop, but I forgot to update my addy on there, so I’m sending you an email with the correct addy!!

  2. Haha!!!! This made me laugh. We are all weak when it comes to chocolate, no? I cannot go back and look at this post of yours again, or I will be whipping something up in my kitchen too!

    Darn advertising. grrrrr.

  3. I am such a dork KB! I didn’t make the connection between recy vintage and zazazu. Just hit me now. Forgive me. Anyway, tag. Your turn for 7 random facts. Now that I see the brownies I’m going to have to make some. Thanks!

  4. Oh my gosh, it looks delightful! I have been indulging myself… I’m taking those break apart chocolate chip cookies and making 2, then stuffing vanilla icecream between them. It is to die for good!

  5. it has been so long since I have done some blog reading that I had so much to catch up on…yum those brownies and love that poem by your blog friend and don’t you just love spring and what fun stuff on etsy and a couple of months ago I switched to reusable grocery bags and i LOVE them

  6. Oh – I am so persuaded like that. Last week, someone mentioned Chipotle, and that night I had to have Chipotle. The next day someone mentioned chili, and I had to make chili. Now, I think I’m in need of chocolate!

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