Don’t be ‘crewel’…

Just a quickie post to show off the LOVELY crewel-art I found at an estate sale this past weekend. I got a whole heap of stuff for $5.00 total and this was part of it. So, I estimate that it cost about a quarter. It came with a pine frame but I took it out of that; they are better used separately, I think. For a quarter… wow! This is in wonderful condition and the crewel stitching is just amazingly clean and tight. LOVE it!

P.S. I’m crazy for crewel anyway and have several crewel kits that I’m going to do… someday.

::: Some uber-cool new things in the shop too… more coming all week! :::


6 thoughts on “Don’t be ‘crewel’…

  1. What a beautiful find! I haven’t done crewel in years but can appreciate all the work that someone put into this!

    LOL–I have a bunch of different kits that I hope to get to someday, too!

  2. I love how passionate you are about the things you find…things discarded by one person and loved again by another. And always for such a great deal!

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