These are a few of my favorite things…

For those of you participating in the Thrift Shop * Thrift Swap, swap partners have been assigned and sent out.   I did it old school.  I put all of your names onto little slips of paper and into this pretty jar and drew them out and paired you all up randomly.

If you thought you signed up and didn’t receive a partner, let me know.  If you have any questions about the particulars of the swap, just send me a message through the contact link above.

Since putting this swap together, all things thrift have been on my mind.  Okay, I should clarify that statement… all things thrift are on my mind MOST of the time, period.

So, I thought I would FINALLY do what I’ve long meant to do here on my blog… list some of my neato thrift finds.  I hope you all enjoy my finds as much as I have.

Amazing vintage French canning jar… complete with wire clasp top and French writing all over it.  It is GI-normous too!  A steal at $1.

Retro-fun floral pillowcases – a pristine pair for $1.98!  My favorite color is chartreuse so these were perfect.  The front red-ish pillow is very old and quilted on the front with all sorts of pretty ruffles.  Amazing condition and for… wait for it… only 45-cents!

Looks like someone tromped through a field in these but they are still stunning.  Custom-made Palizzio peeptoe platform slingbacks.  LOVE.  THEM.  Love that I only paid $2 for them too!

Sometime back I got this pretty green glass dish (45-cents) with the express intent of putting a wee cacti garden in it.  Well, I finally got around to fulfilling its purpose over the weekend.  I’m so happy with how it looks.  THIS is how my garden grows!

Other of my amazing recent finds can be found in my Etsy store.   Tons of neato stuff there!  Also, I started a fun new blog featuring cool things I discover on Etsy.  It is called EtsyFinds.  Check it out and feel free to comment!

Do tell… what cool thrift / vintage things have you found lately?


10 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things…

  1. Love love love your new blog! You found some good stuff – such good prices! I was at the Goodwill yesterday and they wanted $2 a glass – not bad if you don’t want to resell but not good if you do! I bought them anyway…

  2. I love that glass jar! I have one similar, and I featured it in my Penny Saving post! 🙂 Isn’t that fun? Maybe we have sister jars! 😉

  3. can’t wait to check out the etsy finds. and i just sent you your swap partners info (again) and i actually sent it twice, from 2 different email addresses. let me know if you still don’t receive it!


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