100 Things about ME!

1. I’m obsessed with skincare. I always always always take my make-up off at night and I always always always put lotion all over my body after every shower.
2. I would rather go to the gynocologist than the dentist. Honestly.
3. I have a Sharpie addiction.
4. I cannot stand any sort of flavored coffee.
5. I think squid is disgusting… yes, even calamari.
6. I love bananas but cannot stand anything banana-flavored.
7. Secretly, I think I can cook and sing.
8. I love the way Delali’s breath smells.
9. I like animals every bit as much – perhaps more – than people.
10. I actually LIKE doing laundry.
11. I hate ironing and never never never do it.
12. I am super-superstitious.
13. I used to be 100% anti-pink but it grows on me as I get older. I like bits of it sometimes.
14. I don’t bite my nails, I pick them. It is a horrible habit I’ve had since I was a kid and my nails are grotesque because of it.
15. I sleepwalk, sleep talk and sleep without a pillow. Odd, I know.
16. I really do not like to drive. I only do it because I have to.
17. My ears are not pierced.
18. I wanted to be an FBI-agent when I was a kid.
19. I never wear silver at all; I’m a gold girl only.
20. I generally don’t like anything that is faux.
21. I can remember pretty much any phone number I’ve ever dialed.
22. I’m like a prodigy with directions. I can tell you North, South, East or West from anywhere and if I’ve been a place once, I can get you back, no problem. I’m better than a GPS… almost.
23. I’m double-jointed.
24. I have no desire whatsoever to have children.
25. I’m still undecided about ever being married. I think I could take it or leave it. I have a feeling I would be horrible at it though.
26. I have 158 pair of shoes in my personal collection. (Pending 159.)
27. I am petrified of water.
28. And sharks.
29. And elevators.
30. I make lists of things I need to get done and ideas of things to make, etc. while I sleep and actually remember them when I wake up. They aren’t crazy lists either; they are legitimate lists of things that really can be put into reality.
31. I sleep VERY oddly, if you couldn’t tell.
32. I do not have a green thumb at all but I wish I did.
33. I believe (honestly) that I have a bit of a psychic ability of some sort.
34. I have had encounters with my maternal grandmother, whom I never met while she was living.
35. I can’t stand the sight of my own blood; other people’s blood doesn’t bother me.
36. I’m prone to passing out, like a true Southern belle. 🙂
37. I have to have drip-brewed coffee in the mornings or else I don’t feel very good the whole day.
38. I love quotes.
39. I sleep the best when Delali is on top of me.
40. The middle toe on my right foot was cut badly by a tractor blade when I was 16. The end of it is now dead and an odd greyish-purple color.
41. I was born prematurely and my toes didn’t have time to form all the way. As a result, my toes still look like those of a fetus. Seriously.
42. I don’t wear open-toed shoes. Wonder why?
43. I am super-super-paranoid about people seeing my feet. Very few people outside my family have seen my feet (Tracy and Mary Heather have).  Update:  I have been corrected since publishing this post… Mary Heather IS family now… bless her heart.
44. My lungs didn’t form fully before I was born either.
45. My ears never rolled like most people’s do either.
46. I look forward to the mail each and every day.
47. I’ve never colored my hair.
48. I’m totally out of the loop technology-wise. I’m not even a texter.
49. I have an odd addiction to Christmas magazines. I buy a ton of them every year.
50. I’m a total Christmas Queen. LOVE it!
51. I have abnormally large pupils. There is nothing to be done about this. As a result of my abnormally large pupils, I can’t see worth a flip.
52. Unlike most people I know, I actually LIKE my hair. I wouldn’t change anything about it.
53. I love self-help books.
54. I believe in ghosts.
55. I cannot stand politicians. I think they are all schmoozing, disgusting, crooks who can’t find their rears with both hands.
56. I’m email obsessed.
57. I cannot stand weddings or wedding showers.
58. Ditto for baby showers.
59. I have at least one headache per day.
60. I would love to be swept off my feet.
61. I’m hopelessly romantic
62. I’m realizing that it is hard to think of one-hundred things about myself.
63. I’m a hoarder.
64. I do not like carrots.
65. I love musicals perhaps more than life itself.
66. Not really though.
67. I have 160 cashmere sweaters (refer to factoid No. 63.)
68. I do not like nor do I drink carbonated beverages.
69. I love that I’m Southern.
70. I could take chocolate or leave it.
71. I wish that I were more of a minimalist but I know that I could never be.
72. I’m dangerous with scissors. I cannot count the number of times that I have badly cut myself with a pair of scissors.
73. I would love to be an expert seamstress.
74. I’m a sun-phobe. I hate being out in the sun.
75. I’m a total country girl in many ways. I love turnips greens, pepper sauce, cornbread. I’m not afraid of bugs, critters, or getting dirty.
76. I’m a total girly-girl in many ways. I love shoes, sparkly things and going out. I like to fix up and be pampered.
77. I’ve never operated a lawnmower.
78. Change terrifies me.
79. Napping is one of my favorite activities. A powernap for me runs about three hours.
80. I like naming things.
81. I like pineapple on pizza.
82. I have tons of useless factoids in my head about random, meaningless things. This knowledge rarely comes in handy.
83. I get burned out on things suddenly and completely. When I’m done, I’m done.
84. I have a headache right now.
85. I love spa treatments.
86. And slumber parties.
87. And old movies.
88. I really love movies with subtitles on… even American movies. Yes, I’m weird
89. I love to make sound effects.
90. I have a huge mole on my upper lip, ala Cindy Crawford. Some days I like it; some days I hate it.
91. I had extensive back surgery when I was 18. I have a rib out and a huge scar as a result.
92. My favorite number is five.
93. I am the middle child.
94. I had red-red hair when I was little and threw massive temper tantrums over what I wore.
95. I will not walk on animal pelt rugs.
96. I will not wear fur.
97. I am a Momma’s girl… most of the time.
98. I’ve never dreamed of a big, white wedding. Ever.
99. I will stop the car in the middle of the road to help a turtle get across. Yes, it is dangerous but I can’t stand the thought of a turtle getting killed just because he moves slowly.
100. I’m glad that I’ve finally reached 100 on this list.

7 thoughts on “100 Things about ME!

  1. Love your list! There are some things that we have in common (even a couple of things on my 100 list) but then some that make us so very different….I pretty much live on diet coke :o)

  2. Ooh, we have a few things in common (#18, for one). I’ll take elevators (well, without strangers in it) or stairs (even with pain in my legs) over escalators any time. Years and years ago, I fell on an escalator at a mall and my knee was banged up pretty bad. I’m scared to this day of getting on escalators!
    Hope to see more posts from you soon; I’ve missed your bloginess! 🙂

  3. how very fun was it to read this post.
    i have to list all the ones i have in common with you, because there are weirdly quite a few. i think that is why i enjoyed reading it so much.

    let’s see . . . 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 15, 21 (although the older i get, the less this one is true), 26, 28, (i wish i had number 30 in common with you), 31, 32, 35, 38, 48, 55, 61, 63, 68, 71, 73, 76, 78, 79, 81, 85, 86, 87 (more than anything!), and 88. You’re number 99 cracked me up!

    well, i just want to say—i love your blog. i love the look, and i love your posts!

    so glad to have “met” you! 🙂

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