100 {more} Things…

  1. I only eat oranges at Christmas-time and only the navel ones without seeds. And lots of them.
  2. I really like pictures and paintings of trees.
  3. I believe in God but I am not religious.
  4. I make exceptionally good lasagna.
  5. And pecan pie.
  6. And macaroni and cheese (from scratch).
  7. My favorite color is chartreuse… the snotty shade of it.
  8. I don’t see the appeal of fireworks. I think they are a waste of money.
  9. I have an amber fleck in my left eye.
  10. I aspire to meditate.
  11. I want a nosering (tiny stud) in a really bad way.
  12. I’d also like to have a cropped haircut but my face isn’t the right shape. Alas.
  13. I hate going to the dentist. Nothing is worse than having hands in one’s mouth.
  14. I’ve always kind of wanted to be an actress… like strike out to Hollywood.
  15. I plan to live in New York City at some point in time.
  16. And abroad… somewhere.
  17. I sometimes wish I had really REALLY curly kinky curly hair.
  18. But, I don’t. I have heavy, stick straight hair. And that is okay too.
  19. I am the Queen of long-distance relationships.
  20. I’ve not realized when one year passed into the next (as in when it struck midnight) in at least five years.
  21. Needless to say, I don’t make it a point to be kissed on New Year’s.
  22. I love homemade, handmade clothing.
  23. To that end, I would love to be able to sew and aspire to learn that skill.
  24. At some point in my life, I want to wear a beautiful white dress. That’s why I’m thinking of trying out for Cinderella at the theatre.
  25. I always wish on stars.
  26. If a black cat crosses in front of my car, I will stop, get out, mark an “x” and spit.
  27. I love the Geico gecko. His accent is adorable.
  28. I really hate techno music.
  29. And about 95% of country music.
  30. I wish I were better with growing plants.
  31. Sometimes, when I’m in another town and by myself, I’ll speak with a foreign accent just because it amuses me.
  32. I relish sitting in cafes by myself with a book and a latte.
  33. I ‘never say never’. I think it is a jinx.
  34. I have a chronically cold right foot. A nerve was clipped during my back surgery making it always very very cold. Tragic.
  35. I look forward to the mail each and every day.
  36. (White) Christmas lights never get old to me. Ever.
  37. There are very few possessions that I won’t give if someone were to really want and / or need them. I am not easily attached to things.
  38. I am VERY attached to my cat, but she isn’t a thing.
  39. I am 100% Southern and yet I cannot STAND sweet tea.
  40. I won’t say that I never lie but if and / or when I do, it is completely unintentional. I strive to always tell truth.
  41. I’ve changed significantly in the past 18 months, in regards to what I want in life, etc., and that is surprising and a bit scary to me.
  42. I think red is a neutral color.
  43. I own way too many books. I really should endeavor to read more of them. Or develop some sort of check-out system.
  44. I would like to try my hand at bread-making, from scratch.
  45. I still use Noxema cold cream on a regular basis. And love it.
  46. I do not nor have I ever owned an iPod.
  47. I can get ready – shower, hair, makeup and everything – in 23 minutes.
  48. I am self-sufficient. If I want something, I get it for myself or go without.
  49. I like to use French phrases in everyday speak.
  50. I love yard sales – having them and attending them.
  51. I hate boats.
  52. One of my pet peeves is running out of hot water.
  53. I have a seashell collection and love it. They are so simple yet so pretty and sentimental.
  54. I never ever ever go to bed without washing my face. Ever.
  55. I like peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. Yes, I do.
  56. My front tooth is chipped. Noticeably.
  57. I don’t like to sleep on couches. Even for naps.
  58. Caffeine doesn’t really affect me. I can have a coffee one minute and go to sleep the next.
  59. I really REALLY hate glitter.
  60. And confetti. These fall into the “fireworks” category – I really don’t see the need for them.
  61. As much as I love vintage-wear, I VERY RARELY wear polyester.
  62. I would love to be more comfortable in dresses. I’m historically a pants-girl.
  63. I expect the world of myself and remarkably little of others.
  64. I love peacock feathers.
  65. I sometimes amuse myself by thinking up oxymoronic phrases.
  66. If I were rich, I’d have a massage-a-week.
  67. I sometimes wonder about any maternal instinct I might have until I’m around my nephew. It kicks in then. I would do anything in the world for him.
  68. I can’t stand the smell of daisies.
  69. I don’t like banana nut bread. Except when my sister makes it.
  70. I’ve been meant for marriage four times yet never proposed to.
  71. When I can’t fall asleep at night, I write short stories in my head.
  72. I have an opposition to wearing animal prints.
  73. I really hate scary movies.
  74. And I’m not big on animated movies.
  75. I get a photo Christmas ornament for my cat every year.
  76. I send out photo Christmas cards of me and my cat every year.
  77. I LOVE texting now that I’ve gotten into it.
  78. Probably my FAVORITE type of music is French jazz.
  79. I am the middle child.
  80. I have an addiction to instant gratification.
  81. That would explain my love of shopping and my general impatient nature.
  82. I wish I had stuck with the piano when my Mother wanted me to take lessons.
  83. I am a homebody.
  84. All of the jewelry that I wear regularly means something. The trio of tiny gold rings I wear on my thumb, the circle necklace, the small dot necklace, the tooth necklace… they all have meaning.
  85. If I were to do all that I aspire to do, I’d have to quit my dayjob. (I’m not going to do that though.)
  86. Sometimes I sing so enthusiastically when I’m driving that I make myself light-headed.
  87. I get VERY sleepy when I ride with someone else driving.
  88. I would love to be “courted”.
  89. I believe that the most extraordinary love is the simple kind.
  90. I like to find quotations to match events, holidays, etc. This amuses me greatly.
  91. I like to quote “Pride and Prejudice” whenever possible. It gets annoying, I know this.
  92. My nose is red a LOT of the time. I have no idea why this is. I’m not crazy about the phenomenon.
  93. Hunting as sport repulses me. Completely.
  94. I have a little crush on Will Ferrell. And James Gandolfini. There are reasons for both. Oddly, they are both the same reason.
  95. I really can’t stand cocoa made with water. It needs to be made with soymilk to be any good.
  96. And have LOTS of peppermint.
  97. I only started getting carsick this year. I get it bad sometimes now. Ugh.
  98. When I fly, I love to make up stories of where the other passengers are headed and why, especially if they are particularly interesting looking.
  99. I live in my head. A lot.
  100. I like to make lists. Obviously. I make these 100-things lists for several reasons. They force me to really think about things that I like, things about myself; it is a wonderful way to explore and a neat challenge. And, they are neat documentation. In ten years, I can come back and see what all has changed.
(photo from siskokid on flickr)

(photo from siskokid on flickr)


6 thoughts on “100 {more} Things…

  1. more similarities. πŸ™‚

    i agree with you on no. 8.

    i share your nos. 11, 14, 17 18, 27, 28, 30, no. 34β€”my right foot is ALWAYS colder than my left! it drives me crazy! πŸ™‚

    i also share you nos. 36, 41, 43 (except movies, not books), 47, 48, 50, 52, 61, 64, 66, 73, 78 (one of my faves, too. do you own any Django Reinhart – spelling???), 80-83, 85, 89, 90, 95 (has to be made with real milk), 96 (with lots of butterschotch schnapps and whip cream), 100 (i make lists ALL the time and never use them.)

    i’m gonna try your no. 31, because i think that sounds like a blast. πŸ™‚

    your little (i mean big) lists are so fun. they would be a great resource if someone was ever to write a biography about you. πŸ™‚

    merry new year!

    • I know you wrote your list a long while ago, but I just read it today (home sick for three days does fabulous things for your life!) And anyways, I think you list is simply divine!!!! Love your blog. You made my ho-hum-flu-day so fun!!! I will be looking for a tile for your kitchen backsplash; if you’re still working on it. I love home projects!!! I am making a ballerina tutu shower curtain and painting my bathroom a wonderful pink! And of course a million other things! someday a dream closet!??…..

  2. Thanks for you comment about my bicycle image.

    I have such a difficult time doing lists, and posts that involve a lot of writing. Not that I can’t write, but I live such a busy life – mostly work. I never seem to have time. But was wondering if you’d mind if I copied and pasted yours, with responses to each item. To sort of highlight your post, and do one of my own. It’s easier for me this way. Besides, I was dumbfounded how I had many more similarities than differences in that list. Would you mind? I’d, of course, put a link to your post, as well. Not that hundreds are going to my blog–not yet…

  3. Ditto on #86 (hopefully you and I will never pass each other on opposite sides of a road–chances are we’ll both be dizzy!), and ditto on #94–at least for me it’s a strange obsession with Tony Soprano, and it’s hard for me to separate the actor from his character. Go figure!

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