Sunday.  A day of rest.  And by “rest”, I mean “piddling”. 

And I did a lot of that.  But, it was productive-piddling.

My biggest order of business today was paring my Facebook friends list way down.  I mean, WAY down.  I went from over 1,800 friends to 186.  It felt good; therapeutic almost.  You see, I have been pondering completely deleting my Facebook account for some time.  I’ve found Facebook to be an unhealthy mix of sorrow and negativity for the past few months.  I know that I don’t need that so I thought about going extreme and doing away with it altogether.  But, on the urging of some friends, I opted to cull my friend list first.  I already like it better.  A lot.  The people I kept are either good friends in real life or people I know online who have proven to be positive, upbeat, happy.  Positive, upbeat, happy is GOOD.

I also spent a good bit of the day working on The Happy Box.  This is such a fun project that I was invited to participate in on Facebook, ironically.  It is based on this book and is making its way around to a group of fun gals who each fill out some of the pages, take whatever they like out of the happy box and replace them with other fun things.  The box was chock full of neat things!  I took out an original art piece and a gypsy tie-dyed headband. 

It was a really fun and reflective way to spend part of the day.  Not only do I just enjoy things like this but I learned some things about myself by completing the pages in the book.  Love that!

Yesterday was Green Market and it was a great one!  I was really very tired by the end of the day but it was wonderful… one of the best yet.  I got henna-d for it too:

This was before it peeled.  I got one on my ankle too.  Oh la la… love them!

Something I want to do this week… An accomplishment board.  A friend suggested this and I love the idea.  It is like a Vision Board (which I have one of and LOVE) but it is filled with my accomplishments instead.  This would be a great way to keep in mind those things I’ve already done, the things I have to be proud of.  If a Vision Board is about setting your intention and putting it out to the Universe, an accomplishment board is about gratitude and pride.  I think everyone needs a Vision Board and I think everyone needs an accomplishment board.  I plan to make that happen.

Happy Sunday!


One thought on “productive-piddling.

  1. Thanks for the book suggestion. I always found you to be a Positive presence on facebook. Well, until I was removed from your friends list. However, I can see how it can be overwhelming to have 1800 friends and 1800 friends on your news feed. I am glad you are posting on your blog again! It is lovely.

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