a confession and a pledge.

The confession:

As much as I talk about being earth-friendly, as often as I wear my tree-hugger t-shirt and as much as I recycle, reuse, etc. etc. I have not been taking my reusable bags shopping with me.  {Hangs head in shame.}  I just never gathered them up, never have them handy, never think to carry them to the car, never plan a trip to the grocery, the excuses are endless.  And excuses they are.

But, that ends here.

The pledge:

To use them!  Carry them!  Not go into a store without one!  Plan my grocery trips in advance enough to have them!  Put them back into the car right after I unload my groceries!

You get the idea.

So, I rounded them all up today.  I have a nice collection of them, as you see.

Believe it or not, my favorite is the red mesh one in the center.  It wads up so nicely and will hold anything (I actually got a full-sized watermelon, two frozen pizzas, four avocados and a boxed dessert into it today. Nice!)  Of course, on big shopping days, all of them will be used. 

They are sitting by my door right now and will stay there or in my trunk, ready for use!

I got these (below) in the mail last week.  They are handy-dandy produce bags with drawstrings at the top so that you don’t have to use those yucky, thin, plastic produce bags.  Ick.  These are very lightweight so they add almost nothing to the weight.  I got them at SewCreativebySara (Etsy).

So, I think I’m all set for my next grocery shopping adventure. 

I did use the red one today when I stopped in for food-stuffs for my Dad’s Father’s Day lunch.  I can only imagine how hippie I looked but that is a GOOD THING!  I had a doo-rag on my head, no make-up, flipper shoes, ripped up jeans and then asked that my items be bagged in a bag that I brought.  I got a couple of sideways glances from the checker and the sacker-boys but I loved it!  Even if the glances were because they thought I was weird, they were still paying attention and that counts!  Hooray!  Perhaps they are at home as I type rounding up THEIR reusable bags!

I can dream, right? 

Just a note on bags, you can get them anywhere and don’t have to pay much (or anything) for them!  There are any number of lovely ones on Etsy, but I got mine as gifts, on giveaways, free with grocery purchases and at the thrift stores (my favorite red one was a quarter at a Salvation Army.)  So, you do not have to pay much of anything for them.  Just pay attention to bags that will work; they are everywhere!  Have fun with it!  Revel in all the plastic you are saving and the example you are setting.  Hooray!

And, just another fabulous reusable item along the same lines… these super-cool and uber-handy snack bags that I love love LOVE!  I got them at GreenStreetBags (Etsy).   They are amazingly well-made, they come in some really fun prints and they hold tight when closed.  Love them!  Will definitely be getting more!

So, there we have it.  My ugly confession and my exciting pledge… better late than never, right?

Tell me about your favorite reusable grocery bags!  Do you remember to carry them at all times?  I confessed, you can too.  And take the pledge with me!  We are all in this together. 

** (♥) ** (♥) ** (♥) ** (♥) **

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2 thoughts on “a confession and a pledge.

  1. Yay for you. I confess that I’ve never done this back home, but it’s perfectly normal in Europe. In fact, in many stores you have to buy the bag to bring things home in if you don’t bring your own. It’s normal to drop your items into a big purse and be on your way . . .I’m bringing my shopping bags to the States and am willing and ready to receive sideways glances. Thanks for the example.

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