(Random Hipstamatic photo.)

I’m a list maker.  Dear Lord, am I ever a list maker.  I would like to say that it helps keep me organized and productive but that isn’t always the case.  More often than not, it just makes me feel important.  But, it makes me happy so I do it. 

So, I have two lists to share today.  The first is from a list I saw recently on Shutterbean (a most fabulous blog).   She has a few less years than me and therefore a few less items on her list but I love the idea all the same.

Here are my 34 things to do before I turn 35:

1.  Bake bread
2.  Make marshmallows
3.  Make sushi at home
4.  Start a compost
5.  Finish painting living room shelves (and put books on them)
6.  Go for a nature walk at Tishomingo State Park (this is definitely a fall one)
7.  Ride a horse
8.  Try champagne
9.  Do something different with my hair
10. Wear a dress to work
11. Redo dining room chairs
12. Redo dining room chandelier
13. Paint egg swing for porch
14. Hang artwork (finish getting it all framed)
15. Get shelves built in dining room (and painted)
16. Pay off two of my three debts (at least)
17. Host a vintage sale in my living room
18. Grow my nails back and have a manicure (this is always on the list!)
19. Make accomplishment board
20. Save up a decent amount toward a trip and plan trip
21. Install Project Backsplash
22. Redo old metal patio chair
23. Redo spindle back chair
24. Plant sink in back yard
25. Take a fun overnight trip, if only to see Mandy or Aunt Jane
26. FINISH ten books (The Dhammapada, Smart Women Finish Rich, assertiveness book, Awakening the Buddha Within, I Know I’m in There Somewhere, Anatomy of the Spirit, Quantum Wellness, feng shui book, The Path of Transformation, The Man Who Planted Trees)
27. Have Green Market committee over for dinner – NO business talk!
28. Do a weekend juice fast
29. Host a Breakfast Challenge on my veg blog
30. TRY Olivia living at my house
31. Have someone over for brunch
32. Finish and sell “journal vest”
33. Get a “The Manor” sign for my front porch
34. Feng shui my house

(My birthday is July 26 so surely I can handle getting this list done by then.  Here’s hoping.)

My second list is from a post I saw recently on The Vintageholic Frog (another great blog).  Ten things that make me happy.  This is very similar to a gratitude list and those are always in season.  So, as of today, right now, these are ten things that make me happy:

  1. Playing with my Hipstamatic camera… it never gets old.
  2. Allowing myself a bit of caffeine on Saturdays… YUM!
  3. Jazz music blaring through the house… coupled with the soothing sound of the air conditioner and the washing machine running.
  4. Having a plan.
  5. Fabulous restaurantware finds at the Goodwill.
  6. The thought that fall is just around the corner!
  7. Being SO close (one away!) to 1,400 sales on Etsy!
  8. Forgiveness… given and received.
  9. Bringing a plant that was on the $1 “death shelf” at Lowe’s back to life.
  10. A new Whole Living magazine to curl up and read this weekend.  Sweet bliss.

Are you a list-maker?  What lists do you like to make?

Happy Saturday!!!


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