The Artist’s Way. Round two.

My friend Rebecca and I both LOVE fall.  It is our time of year.  In fact, we talk about and long for fall at the beginning of Spring.  Yes, we are that hooked on fall.

Spring is a time for renewal, growth and blossoming but fall is, in a way, too.  I suppose any season is if you let it.  More than that, fall is also a time for reflection, for going within, for peeling away and paring down. 

And that’s where The Artist’s Way comes in. 

Rebecca and I lead a group through The Artist’s Way back in 2008.  It was housed on this blog and we had a great response to it.  In fact, we’ve had a great response to it since then, with many requests to do a group again.  So, we are. 

We will revive the blog and start the program again on October 1, 2010.   This gives you time to get a copy of the book or find your copy, whichever the case may be.  Want to participate with us?  Comment here with your email address and blog URL, if you have one. 

The Artist’s Way is perfect for anytime of year but since we love fall so much, it is particularly perfect now.  Join us…


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