My new addition.

Please meet Lady Contessa Buttercup.

aka. Butter

aka. Tess

aka. Tessie

aka. Butter-butt

aka. Fart knocker

aka. Little fart

aka. Peanuthead

aka. Most precious sweet baby girl dog in the entire universe.

I adopted Tess from the shelter here in town about two and a half weeks ago.  We definitely had an adjustment period but now I couldn’t imagine life without her.  She has such a sweet, loyal spirit and loves me with a love that I’ve never known before.  Needless to say, I love her too.  And, needless to say after seeing this picture, she is very comfortable now and pretty spoiled too.  (That is the down comforter off of MY bed that she is nestled in.)

Tess had her vocal cords cut by the person who dumped her at the shelter.  She tries to bark but nothing comes out but a sound more like a cough.  Even so, she is a happy girl and guards me fiercely with her cough-bark.  I would NEVER do this to an animal but, even so, I love her just as she is.

I also have two cats: Delali Dipstick and Olivia Adelaide.  Olivia stays with my Mom but Delali is Her Royal Highness Queen of Martin Manor indeed.  Delali would like very much if I took Tess back to where she came from but that isn’t happening.  I keep hoping that they will one day get along or, at least, totally ignore one another.

The amount of love and comfort I get from my babies is indescribable.  I only hope that I can care for and love them enough to deserve it.  My heart is where my furbabies are.

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. ~Colette


5 thoughts on “My new addition.

  1. Oh! She is so adorable. I just love dogs so much and she looks like such a little darling. To answer your question about Madeline’s new doggie friend btw, maybe next year! As soon as we are settled with the baby. 🙂

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