Summer 2011 Goals. A list.

Anyone who has read a bit of my blog knows how I love lists.  And today, happily, the fabulous Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet gave me inspiration for a new one.  Hooray!  Long live lists!  

  1. Refurbish the fabulous old table / lamp combo I got at a thrift store a couple of months ago.
  2. Start teaching yoga classes – privately and to groups.  Will have my teacher’s certificate by then!
  3. Compile a list (or stack) of ten books and read them.  Period.   No excuses.
  4. Paint hammock stand and hang hammock.  Enjoy hammock.
  5. Start a compost.
  6. Get conch pierced.
  7. Clean out closet.  Thoroughly.  No mercy.  Host a clothing swap.  With yummy vegan snacks.
  8. Visit sister, brother, E, Mandy, parents more often, dinner with Tra as much as possible and finally meet Rebecca.
  9. Watch more movies (at cinema and at home). 
  10. Take off at least two days from work each month through the summer for no reason other than to just relax. 

This list is largely about relaxation, simplification and always moving closer to my authenticity which is PERFECT!  I’m loving this journey! 

Thanks Danielle!  I always get such great inspiration from you!


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