100 {more} Things… Part II.

  1. I am a fire sign.  Although I’m pretty quiet on the outside, I’m not shy at all (I’m observant) and know myself and know that fire fits me.
  2. I am a hydrophobe (which is interesting considering No. 1).  I do not know how to swim and have nearly drowned three times.  I tee-totally spaz out when I get into water.
  3. I do not take tub-baths.  I do NOT like to be submerged in water.  I ONLY take showers.  Sometimes I wish I took tub-baths though.
  4. As a result of my hydrophobia, I am petrified of large bodies of water.  I cannot fathom the depths of it and what lurks underneath.  It freaks me OUT.
  5. I do, however, love to go to the beach.  I love to walk along and look for shells but I do not let the water touch me.  At all.
  6. I have a very extreme fear of submarines.  I cannot look at pictures of them or see them on TV.
  7. Ditto sharks.
  8. Ditto very large docked ships.
  9. I do not understand at all the physics of how a plane flies.  This bothers me, especially when I’m about to board.
  10. I am currently having a love affair with Egyptian Licorice tea.
  11. I like to cook and I’m VERY good at it.
  12. I have many pet peeves about human beings.  One of the main ones is people always wanting to be the exception.  I hate this.  No one is ever ALWAYS the exception.
  13. I love thunderstorms and secretly look forward to days when it is forecast to rain.
  14. About once a week, I have a “sleep marathon” where I come home from work and go straight to bed and sleep through until the next morning.  About 14 hours.  It recharges me.  Sometimes.
  15. I never tan.  Ever.  I am the one you will see outside wearing large brimmed hats and long-sleeves in a hot Southern July.  I prefer SPF 486.
  16. I do not particularly like parties.  I always feel like the person who doesn’t know what to say and doesn’t know how to mingle.
  17. I find spirituality in being good to the world around me, noticing the miracles of everyday life and having respect for all living things.
  18. I do not ever intentionally kill anything.  Even snakes.  I “rehome”.
  19. I am drawn to very peaceful, open, accepting people and aspire to be such.
  20. This is the main reason that I love yoga so much.
  21. I do not read or watch the news ever.  I’m pathetically behind on current events and I’m 110% okay with that.
  22. I think my parents are the coolest people ever.  I am blessed beyond measure to be so close to them and for them to love me for who I am.
  23. My best friend Tracy is like my sister.  I could not live in this world without her in it.
  24. I am still very close friends with my best friend from childhood and I think that is very cool.  Our families were friends so we were best friends from the time she was born in February (after I was born in July).  I can tell her anything.  She is going to be my yoga guinea pig.
  25. I have an abnormal love for peanut butter.  I love it.  Crunchy, smooth… doesn’t matter.
  26. I was wild in college and have many stories from that era.  However, I don’t talk about it; I prefer to let it be where it is.  A few people know these stories (see No. 23) but not many.  I am a thousand percent a different person from the person I was then.
  27. I have a book where I recorded all the men I dated or crushed on throughout my college career.  It is called “The Man Book”.
  28. There are many things from my college days that I regret.  Not things I did necessarily but certain connections that did not work out.
  29. I once had a blind date from Australia. (He flew from Australia to meet me.)
  30. I have horrible luck with men and do not understand them in the least.  I realize this more and more as years go by.  I would love to find that “special someone” but it isn’t looking too good.  Ha.
  31. However, I see that “special someone” as I see something like a Tiffany diamond: Of course it would be nice but it is not at all mandatory to my life’s happiness and contentment.
  32. I honk at cows in pastures when I’m driving and say very loudly, “HEY BABIES!”  Ditto cats and dogs and most squirrels.
  33. There is a certain path that I walk Tess along each morning.  I love noticing how the trees, flowers and grass change from day to day along this path.
  34. I have to make my bed.  If I do not make my bed and it goes unmade for a whole day, I have to wash all the bedding before I can get back into it.  As my friend Meridith would say, “There’s a pill for that.”
  35. I have been hospitalized more times than I can remember and have had many health problems.  Even so, I consider myself to be very healthy and blessed with good health.
  36. I am very particular with my home’s interior.  I like a certain decor style and for things to be just right.  Ironically, I rarely give a thought to what my yard and the outside of my house looks like.
  37. I love religious relics but not for religious reasons.
  38. I like animals about a thousand percent better than I like humans.
  39. I am a Leo with a Scorpio ascendant (having my chart read was one of the best things I ever did!)  Part of what this means is that I’m more giving, thoughtful and generous than any other sign.  I often get frustrated, disappointed and burned because this level of thoughtfulness is rarely reciprocated.  It is hard for me to understand that very very few other people are even capable of this.
  40. I love sending mail “happies” to people I love for no apparent reason.
  41. I am an excellent gift giver.  I listen all year long to things loved ones mention or are interested in and make notes in my journal, research those things (or hobbies) and buy accordingly.  I put a lot of time and thought into this and love it.
  42. I like a very high profit margin when I sell things (online).  I find it interesting when someone buys something for $10, sells it for $40 and thinks that is a great profit.  I never spend $10 on one item to sell.  Ever.  I tend to like more of a margin where I spend fifty-cents on an item and sell it for $110.
  43. This happens more than you might think.  My family jokes that I can sell anything.
  44. I get very annoyed when people ask me to research an item for them.  I learned how to do it and they can too. It isn’t rocket science.
  45. I do not sell for people.
  46. I’m addicted to Pinterest.  Totally.
  47. I used to think I wanted to live in a big city but now I realize that isn’t me.  I’m much more suited to a cabin in the woods somewhere where I can reflect and be near nature.  That is my bliss.
  48. Although I do love to travel to big cities.
  49. I love paint color names.  If I don’t like the name of a paint color, I will pick another one with a name I do like.  Even if I love the original color.
  50. I have very very tiny feet.
  51. As horrible as I know it sounds, I will unsubscribe from a blog if they post a lot about their kids.  I just… don’t like kids enough (except certain ones) to want to read someone gushing about them.  I doubt seriously that they are as wonderful as their mothers think they are.
  52. I love my GoogleReader and like to go through it first thing in the morning.  However, I look mostly at the pictures for inspiration to pin to my Pinterest.
  53. My GoogleReader is severely partial to vegan food, hippie fashion and home decor blogs.
  54. I love pretty pictures.
  55. Especially pretty pictures with big light spots in them or of trees.  Single, standalone trees.
  56. As much as I love my Pinterest, I really should organize it better.
  57. I cannot and will not watch full-length videos or movies or shows on my computer.  I just don’t like it.  If the clip is short (under three minutes), I will watch.  Otherwise, no way.
  58. I am absolutely and tee-totally against pageants.  Especially kid ones.  If you dress your kid up like a little tramp, be prepared for what you get.  Kids are beautiful just as they are.
  59. I hate popularity contests.
  60. I really can’t stand when technology doesn’t work as it should, i.e. when my computer runs too slowly.
  61. I wish I could be less apologetic.
  62. I am totally uninterested in anything to do with the royal wedding.  Couldn’t care less.
  63. Being called a hippie is compliment extraordinaire to me.
  64. I would like to be hippier.
  65. I’m all about following dreams but do it responsibly and if it doesn’t pan out, get a job.  Don’t expect someone else to take up your slack.  This goes back to No. 12.
  66. I’ve accomplished a lot and survived a lot but my two biggest accomplishments in my mind are adopting Olivia and Tess and bringing them back to health after having been in the shelter and going vegan.
  67. Whole Foods is like a candy store to me.  I could spend hours in there and request things from there for Christmas.
  68. There are several fashion “trends” that I could never get into, like high-waisted shorts.  Uh, no.
  69. I have been looking for the perfect black vegan bag for several years now.  I will not settle but apparently my criteria for this bag is a bit much as I’ve not yet found it.
  70. I worked for YEARS to grow my nails out and finally did it… only to cut them off very short.  I like them just long enough to scratch but not so long that they get in the way all the time.  This baffles the friend who does them.
  71. I do not like Halloween at all.  Never have.
  72. Ditto Easter.
  73. People who spend a ton of money ($50K+) on weddings disgust me.  I know that is judge-y but so be it.  It is a disgusting waste of resources.
  74. People think I’m organized and in a way I am but not in the paper way.  My old bills, papers, work notes, etc. have ZERO organization to them at all.  Luckily, I kind of know where everything is.
  75. I’ve never had a credit card.  Ever.
  76. I do not like people who try to force their way of being on me.  I’m not friends with you because I want to be like you and I don’t need your guidance.
  77. I try to be frugal and save money where I can but will drop a small fortune on a gift for someone if I think it will make them smile.
  78. I’m sentimental and sensitive, even though I sometimes wish I were neither.
  79. I cannot stand people who only want to talk about themselves.  As a result of this, I’ve become VERY conscientious about talking about myself.  I don’t do it very often which makes me a pretty darn good listener.
  80. I will never deny being a misanthrope.
  81. In my late twenties, I was excellent at being able to relax and watch my beloved British epic movies or relax and journal, etc.  I’ve lost this and it makes me sad.  I’m either sleeping or up working as hard as I know how.  I would like to regain that middle ground.
  82. I would get a massage every week if I could afford it.
  83. I’m a prolific list-maker (proven by this post).  My favorite are my “weekend lists” where I list out things I want to do and things I need to get done.  This helps with balance so I don’t just work like an ox all weekend with no relaxation.  Balance, baby.
  84. I’m trying to wear more dresses.  Historically I’ve been a pants-gal.
  85. I talk to my furbabies constantly.  They love it.  They told me so.
  86. I won an award for “Best Actress” at my local theatre / playhouse once.  I think the pickings must have been pretty slim.
  87. I do not subscribe to any political party.  The issues I care the most about are non-partisan and everyone should be concerned with them (i.e. animal rights and environmental issues.)
  88. Ironically, I’ve learned a lot from my dealings and interactions online (Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, etc.)
  89. I think my Mother is amazing.  Truly and utterly amazing.
  90. I realize my age through my clothing choices.  I’m 34 now and vastly prefer flowy, organic, earthy, comfortable clothing styles (nothing at all tight!) and I also vastly prefer flats to heels, which is very different from how I was just five years ago.  I’ve not worn heels in forever.
  91. I love layers upon layers of colorful beads.
  92. I find that I’m evolving and I love it.  For an example, I used to be very upset that I was interested in so many different things but couldn’t find the time, drive, focus, whatever to do them all.  Now I see that I’m not meant to do them all, at least not at once.  I enjoy those things I really want to make time for and leave the other things to other people who feel more passionate about them than I do.  I don’t have to do everything to be amazing and accomplished.
  93. I’m trying to teach myself that relaxation is an accomplishment too.
  94. War makes me sad in a very bone-deep, gut-wrenching way.  Besides the actual mechanics of it, the very idea that there are people out there who think it is necessary and are in favor of it makes me sad.
  95. I am on a quest for the perfect vegan pizza… that I can make at home.
  96. If it has avocados in it, I want to eat it.
  97. If it has cilantro in it, I do not want to eat it.
  98. I am in possession of a magic wand but I don’t use it much.
  99. I am also in possession of a voodoo doll and am quite good at using it although I only use it for good.  I really think it is more to do with the Law of Attraction though than the actual doll.
  100. Speaking of, I believe firmly in the Law of Attraction and have seen it work in my life in big ways more than once.

~ THE END {… for now.} ~


9 thoughts on “100 {more} Things… Part II.

  1. Water is life – Dune by Frank Herbert.
    I’m very sorry you have a fear of water. The power of water and fire astounds me.
    I’m very happy i’ve found your blog via Vintage Swap.
    I would love to participate in a vintage clothing swap.
    I don’t like Easter but love Halloween.
    I enjoyed your 100 list.
    ‘If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads’ is your MO.
    You limit your path with your fear of water. I would love to see this adversion become one of your goals.
    I’m going to pop in often.
    Cheers, Camille from SLC, Utah

  2. I especially like #92. I think that is an important thing to realize to be a happy adult.
    You are making me want to blog again.

  3. Heck yeah on #41 — I treasure my Jane Eyre book you so thoughtfully and generously sent me. 🙂
    And agree on the search for a perfect vegan bag. Sigh.
    Oh, and #55. I could take pics of trees all the live long day.
    #85 = 🙂

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