Friday Favorites.

Since going off Facebook, the thing I’ve heard most from those friends who were formerly on my Facebook list is that they will miss my links, ideas, pictures and quotes the most.  So, because of that and also because I like sharing such stuff, I am going to start a
“Friday Favorites” feature here on Zazazu.  This feature will not only include my favorite things from the week but a recap of books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, movies or books I plan to read on the weekend, ideas, inspirations, etc.


Favorite pin of the week:

Favorite quote:

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. — Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)


Thinking this would be SO easy to make… Who doesn’t love a cheap DIY Anthropologie knock-off?

Favorite articles:

The 5-Step Plan to Set Your Heart Free
In Appreciation of My Body

Four Ideas to Live Simply and Cheaply When Times Are Tough

Watched (and wasn’t overly crazy about)…

Read (and was crazy about both)… and

This weekend I’ll be reading

… and watching

… and making and and

What were your favorites from the week?  HAPPY FRIDAY!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites.

  1. Hey KB….I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! The Alchemist is an amazing book…I read it all the way through then went on to lend it to someone and never got it back, LOL!! I am definitely going to be ordering another copy and will read it again. I love looking at life from a different perspective….all too often we allow stress and everyday life to stop us from looking at all the positive we can extract from the world. I look forward to seeing many more of your wonderful positive exerts and quotes about life and love!!

    Much love xo

  2. Avocado smoothie? One can do that?! I want to try that! Are you going to try to do the Quantum Wellness thing? I should try to do that again. I can’t even really remember what all it entails (gluten-free, sugars-free, ?). If you plan to, and need support or just cheering on, let me know. 🙂
    Amen to the fur pin, btw.

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