My kind of recipe.

So, are the simple things in life the best? 

YES!  And this recipe proves it…


My brother sent me this recipe and I had to try it.  Not only is it super-easy, it is healthy and really REALLY tastes like a treat.  After a heaping spoonful, I thought, “I need to stop there” and then I realized that… it was only banana!  It really does taste like a decadent treat.  Try it! 

Watched Broken English tonight and loved it!  And I’m about half through reading The Alchemist and love it so far too.

Lovely, relaxing, bum-of-a-Saturday! 


4 thoughts on “My kind of recipe.

  1. Neato! I knew it could be done with mango (it was my sis who taught me a few years ago, so yay for siblings!), but not bananas! Mmmm.

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