So close ॐ

I leave tomorrow to go to my week-long immersion where I will finally be certified as a yoga teacher!

Can I get a HOORAY!??

This is a real milestone for me.  I’ve wanted this for so long and it is finally happening!  Now I can teach and bring yoga to others and just generally feel great that I’ve reached this dream and actually made it happen.  Dreams DO come true!!

I’ve spent today washing laundry and getting things ready for a week away.  I’ve not been working at it too hard though as I was able to get in a nice trip to the Goodwill.   Naturally.   But now, I’m about to get to bed and rest up for the big week ahead!  It will be a relaxing week in a way as the people are wonderful and the atmosphere there is very laidback but the days will be long and we will be packing in a lot of practice and info each day.  So, I need some zzzzzzzz’s!

I’m elated to be so close to this goal!   Of course, we all know what I’ll be working toward next.  (Hint.) 

What goal are you working toward?  Tell me about it!

Remember… “the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

Om shanti, om peace.


3 thoughts on “So close ॐ

  1. Wow Karen that is great!!! I am working on going to school in sept. to become a employment specialist! I get to sign up June 1st yeah!
    Enjoy your week away

  2. Karen Beth, congratulations on becoming a yoga teacher..and thank you for introducing me to so much…
    best wishes, Ellen

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