47 years deserves a brunch.

My parents celebrated 47 years of marriage on June 7.

I’d say that deserves a brunch.

So, I hosted one for my parents, my siblings and their families and a couple of other VSP (Very Special People) at my house yesterday.  It was a lot of work but truly delightful and well worth it.

I did all the cooking.  Well, the non-cooking, I should say.  I had a salads brunch and only turned on the stove once to sautee some garlic.  Hooah! 

Let me just be honest here:  I love to entertain at my house because I get to use all my cathrineholm bowls and vintage dishes and I get to decorate and make bouquets out of pretty wildflowers in my yard and use all my fun vintage napkins and linens and try new vegan recipes and all that fun stuff.  Were it not for the cleaning part, I could do this every weekend.

Serving buffet

Bunting / centerpiece / take-home happy for Mom that I threw together the morning of using plain paper, a Sharpie, tape and bamboo skewers.  Not fancy but… I liked it.  She did too.

The Menu

Fruit kebabs

Cabbage Apple Coleslaw with Maple Pecans (this was a huge hit!)

Cowboy Caviar (my sister made this… it was delish!)

Kidney Chickpea Salad (similar to this… not pictured)
Pasta salad (made by my sister… also not pictured)
Bread basket (nothing out of the ordinary here)

Chilled Double Chocolate Torte (No-Bake and ABSOLUTELY DIVINE… Highly recommended!)

The brunch was really great.  My house was clean, my family was together, we all enjoyed a wonderful, summer-y vegan meal and celebrated my amazing parents.  The perfect day, I’d say.

And thank you for a house full of people I love.  Amen.  ~Terri Guillemets


4 thoughts on “47 years deserves a brunch.

  1. What a great brunch!! I love the vintage dishes too…I love to entertain…just got a new dining room table that I am anxious to use…tell your folks happy ani for me…what a great love story!

  2. Aw, how sweet! I especially love your handmade bunting (you have such lovely penmanship, btw), and your buffet is gorgeous! Happy anniversary to your parents!

    P.S. Good pics, btw, too!

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