Doing it all.

I read a lot and most of my reading tends toward the self-help genre.  I’ve never made secret the fact that I love personal development and life enhancement.  I read books on the subject (The Power, Law of Attraction, Quantum Wellness) and blogs too (, Yes & Yes, The Simple Luxurious Life)  I get a lot of great info from this sort of reading and it helps shift to a more positive, productive outlook.

But I find something about this sort of thing profoundly disturbing.  They all suggest so many different things to do, things to spend time on each day.  If I meditated, visualized, stream-of-consciousness journaled, exercised, spent time in nature, body brushed, tongue scraped, made green juice, did morning pages, kept a gratitude (or dream or food or exercise or whatever) journal, kept a sleep schedule, took time to wind down before bed, etc. etc. I would literally have no time for anything else.  Which would be great but… I have to take time for other things like walking the dog, feeding the cat, taking out the trash, talking to my Mom and my bff on the phone, watering the plants, trying to keep some semblance of order to my house, preparing food, sleeping and… oh, I don’t know… WORKING so I can pay bills.

And of course it probably would stand to reason that I should just decide which would benefit me the most and do those.  But, the problem is that I see merit in all of them.  I can see how morning pages would be helpful and meditation and walking and dream journaling.  But it simply is not all possible.

And I do not fritter my days away.  I work fulltime, don’t watch TV (don’t even have TV), cook whole food meals, keep my house clean and I still find my days lacking for time to do the inner-work that I think really counts.

I find that I end up so frustrated by all that I SHOULD be doing that I just collapse into a heap when I get a bit of time and don’t do anything.  Totally counterintuitive, I know.

So, what gives?  What inner-work do you find to be the most helpful and make a point to include in your day?  And, how did you decide which would be best to spend time toward?  Or, if you manage to do it all, let me know.


One thought on “Doing it all.

  1. I believe that all of those self-help books concerning our path towards enlightenment can be summed up in one, clear idea: Live in the present moment; and all else will work out the way it is supposed to.

    I also love Byron Katie…her 4 questions in the Work is a fast track way through the BS and on towards self awareness. Rock on!

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