It’s independence day.

When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself. – Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief

I’m in a funk today, I won’t even lie.  I’m thinking a lot today about things I’d dearly love to declare my independence from but, as we know, it isn’t always that easy.   I need a vacation (a real one).  I need a change.  I need to learn the art of detaching myself from the outcome of things. 

In the meantime, however, I know that I can declare my independence from this funk with meditation, journaling, visualization, and gratitude, all tried-and-true funk-busters.

I’ll start here with gratitude.

I’m thankful for my furbabes and the joy they bring me.
I’m thankful for hot, dark coffee.
I’m thankful for ice packs.
I’m thankful for getting to spend time with my family.
I’m thankful for cute antique tables.
I’m thankful for a day off from work.
I’m thankful for healing, regrowth, rebirth.
I’m thankful for the restless feeling that tells me when I need to change something.
I’m thankful for birds singing and crickets chirping.
I’m thankful for nature.
I’m thankful for uplifting books to read.
I’m thankful for good friends to talk to.
I’m thankful for being able to walk and think.
I’m thankful for knowing when to be quiet.
I’m thankful for being a sentimental sap.
I’m thankful for the ability to change.
I’m thankful for knowing myself.
I’m thankful for believing in the law of attraction.
I’m thankful for funky, vintage, hippie-chic skirts.
I’m thankful for Etsy sales and Etsy purchases.
I’m thankful for pleasant surprises.
I’m thankful for the weeds in my yard that mean things are growing.
I’m thankful for my nice soft bed.
I’m thankful for sunlight streaming through green trees.
I’m thankful for noticing.
I’m thankful for being thankful.
I’m thankful for the joy of being alive.


2 thoughts on “It’s independence day.

  1. I am sorry that you are in a funk today…I’m kinda in a rut myself, however, I have a small shovel in hand that I am digging, digging myself out of this hole..Hug those parents of yours today, sure wish I could do the same to mine..xoxo

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