I can’t believe I did that.

See this picture?
It’s not me.  And I now know that it never will be me.

About two weeks ago, I decided that I was going to be a runner.  I read so much about how successful and healthy and focused and disciplined runners are so, aside even from the cardiac and fitness aspects of it, I decided that I wanted to be a runner.  I thought that running would turn me into all those wonderful things.

So, I ran.  Just a wee little bit.  I would run a short distance and then walk, run a bit more and then walk.  And when I mean a short distance, I mean a SHORT distance.  I didn’t run fast (just barely fast enough to qualify as running) and I wore good shoes.  And it felt fine!  I didn’t hurt and I didn’t give out as quickly as I thought I would and I was really pleasantly surprised.

Until my left knee started hurting so bad one day that I thought it wasn’t going to hold me up.   I had not fallen; it could have been from nothing but the bit of running I was doing.  I iced it, took some Advil, vowed to rest a day and thought it would go away.  Wrong.  It started hurting so badly that it kept me up at night.  Not cool.

So, I’m still icing, Adviling and resting and today, the right knee started hurting.  They hurt so bad that I feel like an old woman when I walk.  I mean, they HURT.

I’m really ill with myself for this.  I have scoliosis and I know that my legs are different lengths.  I know that a lot of pressure goes to my legs (knees, I guess) when I try to do anything more than walking but walking just doesn’t seem good enough.  Seems like I need to do more.  Always more.

But, I think my knees have other ideas and they are definitely winning.  I’m trying to decide now whether to keep icing and Adviling or whether to see a doctor about them.

Seriously, I’m too young to feel this rickety.


6 thoughts on “I can’t believe I did that.

  1. Walking is good for you. So stop worrying about running. And, if even walking hurts your knees, then look into doing water aerobics. I have some friends who swear by this way for exercising. I also have scoliosis, didn’t realize about how it can affect the length of legs. I only know that I can’t run either, but I’ve read so much about how many problems one can develop from running. So, I’d say to you, get thee to a doctor! I want that pain to go away.
    Scrappy Grams

  2. I am a runner. It is just what my body calls out for, and it helps me moods. I just am naturally high strung, so when I need to let some of that energy go, I run.

    That said. Agreed. Running is not for everyone. And one can be disciplined in so many different ways of exercising. Take yoga postures for example…as you know 😉

    I am proud of you for trying, for realizing this isn’t an activity that you will continue because you need to be mindful of how your body feels and most of all, because you have made such a conscious effort to understand why this isn’t a method of exercise for you. That is so important (and so often overlooked by people in our “fix it now” culture)

    How are you feeling now?

    I certainly hope much, much better. XO

  3. Oh, ouch! How are you feeling now? How’s your back? I applaud your efforts for trying it though!

    P.S. How about bicycling? Maybe that would be gentle yet exercise-y enough to feed your desire for working-out? The plus side to cycling is if — no, *when*– you go to France (or just about anywhere in Europe, really), you can rent a bike and be super fit to pedal all the live long day. 🙂

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