Saving face.

Not so long ago, I gave up Facebook.

I’m happy that I did it.  I love being one of the non-Facebookers of the world.  I love when someone asks me about Facebook to be able to say, ‘I’m not on Facebook.’  I don’t know why, but I love it.

Har har. So true.

And I thought I loved not having that looming thing that I had to check in on everyday but then I started using Twitter so that theory is out the window.

Let’s be clear here:  I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO FACEBOOK.

However, neither do I like Twitter.  In fact, I would definitely say that Facebook is the more appealing of the two.  On Twitter, there is no interaction.  None.  Zero.  I don’t like that.  If I’m going to be posting things, I want feedback.

And, since getting off of Facebook, I’ve realized a couple of perks to it that I didn’t see before, including:

  • Posting to ask for thoughts, recommendations, advice, etc… on Facebook, people actually give feedback, which is sometimes nice.
  • If I needed to get urgent news across (i.e. my neighbor’s dog was lost or something), Facebook is an easy way to do it.
  • My Recy Vintage page is there.
  • Sometimes you can’t enter blog giveaways unless you ‘like’ them on Facebook, even really good ones.
  • I have a lot of pictures there.
  • My nephew is on there and if I’m on there too, I can keep up with whether he has a girlfriend or not.
  • I know for certain of some information I’ve missed out on because I’m not on there anymore.

And, mainly, I have some friends there that I simply don’t feel close to now that I’m not on Facebook.  Let’s take my best friend from childhood for example.  I KNOW she is my friend and loves me but she is a busy Mom and her time is very limited and since I’m not on Facebook, I feel like we are never EVER in touch anymore and that stinks.  So, while I had said that “those I want to hear news from are good enough friends to keep up with me somewhere besides Facebook”, I realize now that that is easier said than done, that sometimes Facebook is a handy outlet through which to keep up with people.

It pains me and I don’t like it (pun intended) but I am seriously considering going back to ye olde Facebook.  I don’t want those friends there who are true friends but too busy to be in contact that constantly otherwise to fail because I refuse to be on Facebook, because I like to be able to tell folks that “I’m not on Facebook.”

I will be “unliking” all of the pages I’ve be on in the past and paring my friends list down to 75 people or less.

The break from it has taught me what the perks of it are and, even more importantly, it has shown the true purpose it serves for me.  So, I will go back into it not just so I can have what everyone else has but to keep in touch, stay connected and interact with those I truly care about and want to be in touch with.

And that’s something I can hit the “like” button about.

Update: I reactivated and pared down to 58 friends.  That’s more like it.


11 thoughts on “Saving face.

  1. I had a similar struggle regarding FB and finally just cut 150 people off and felt a ton better. I had a couple of days where I worried about people feeling offended – but the big growing self-esteem list of friends who were actually people I didn’t know well prevented me from posting the kind of stuff I like to post! So off with their heads!

  2. Yeah, I don’t have a cell phone and I rather like the peace it brings. When I need to call someone, I skype. Otherwise, I make people email me. That way I can get to items of business when I have time, not whenever the phone has to ring.

    As for Facebook, I think a lot of people don’t realize that Facebook allows you to limit what people see. I have my family set to see everything and everyone else set to just being able to message me. I don’t even have a wall where people can write things I don’t want everyone else to see.

    Google+ is going a step further with the compartmentalizing–you can split everyone you know into different groups so that depending on what you post, you can choose who sees it.

  3. I was off Facebook during Lent. I found that I’m on there a lot less. But like you, sometimes the only way I can touch base with even family is thru it. So paring down seems like the logical choice.

  4. I have a love-disLIKE-love thing with all social networks am a part of. I utilize FB as a tool for both personal and professional stuff, but for most part, it is really a time waster.

    That aside, I am glad to see you back on FB because as you mention, the ease of access for communicating, and of course, your pictures. And just knowing you are “there” is important for me (ah, my true neediness shines forth!)

    I love the commitment you have made to yourself, and how you do so well in navigating what is truly concise and purposeful to you in life. You inspire me.

    PS ~ I love that you call this entry “Saving Face”…so good!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about Facebook! I went from 500 friends, to 300, then 150 and now about 60. The more friends I had, the more impersonal it felt and I deactivated several times. I “unliked” all of my fan pages too. I like only having family and friends I actually talk to on there and not the “fillers”. LOL

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